156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/06/1942  Monday  16 Night Flying Tests carried out. One local practice and one aircraft ferried to Wyton. Fourteen aircraft detailed for operations. All operated and returned safely. SGT OWEN was attacked by fighters over the target and his wireless operator (SGT McKENNA) baled out. McKenna since reported prisoner. (ed : McKenna died in captivity)  Essen         
2/06/1942  Tuesday  Twelve aircraft detailed for operations. Eleven took off in presence of A.O.C. One aircraft returned early (P/O SMITH) and one failed to return (SGT POWELL) (19th sortie).  Essen         
3/06/1942  Wednesday  No operations detailed, squadron stood down. One aircraft flown to Harwell and returned. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Farewell party to Station Commander at Wyton.           
4/06/1942  Thursday  Eight N.F.T's three local practice and two bombing practice flights carried out. No operations. Local weather very fine.           
5/06/1942  Friday  Thirteen aircraft detailed for operations. Eleven N.F.T's. 1 TR exercise and one local practive flight completed. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Twelve aircraft took off on operations and two failed to return (P/O SMITH Capt. 29th Sortie and SGT THOMSON Capt. 23rd Sortie)  Essen  Gardening       
6/06/1942  Saturday  F/SGT SHILLETO appointed to Commissioned rank w.e.f. 14.5.42. Eight aircraft detailed for operations. On NFT one Air test, one aircraft ferried to Wyton and one despatched to Stradishall on re-fitting. Seven aircraft took off on operations. Three returned early and one failed to return (F/SGT TERRIS Capt 14th Sortie)  Essen         
7/06/1942  Sunday  Four N.F.T's carried out but no operations detailed. One aircraft air tested and one ferried to Wyton. Two aircraft carried out Night Flying practice.           
8/06/1942  Monday  Ten aircraft detailed for operations. Eight NFT's carried out. One aircraft ferried from Wyton and one height test made. Five aircraft operated and all returned sucessfully.  Essen         
9/06/1942  Tuesday  Five N.F.T's carried out but no Ops detailed. Four aircraft ferried from Wyton, three carried out Circuits and landings practice, three were aitr tested and one height tested.           
10/06/1942  Wednesday  Eleven aircraft detailed. Six NFT's carried out. Operations cancelled at 21.00 hrs.           
11/06/1942  Thursday  Nine N.F.T's, two airtests, two air firing and one cross country flighy carried out. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Unofficial visit from AIR COMMODORE HARRISON. Eleven aircraft operated (Gardening). One returned early other completed task.  Gardening         
12/06/1942  Friday  Three new crews received from OTU. Including two Officers, (F/LT WILSON AND P/O MCILHAGGA) One cross country flight practice and local navigation practice carried out. One aircraft ferried from Wyton           
13/06/1942  Saturday  Five N.F.T's carried out but no operations detailed. S/LDR MILES (O.C. 'B' Flt) posted on Specialist Armament Course.           
14/06/1942  Sunday  Two N.F.T'S one local practice and one aircraft to Upwood and return. Lecture to crew on Meteorology. No Operations. Visit from new Station Commander ( Group Captain KIRKPATRICK)           
15/06/1942  Monday  P/O GREENUP and crew reported on posting. Ten NFTs, one air firing and two cross country flights carried out. No operations detailed.           
16/06/1942  Tuesday  S/L BEAVIS and crew reported on posting to Command 'B' Flight. Five NFTs and 6 local practices. One aircraft to Abbotsinch and one to Harwell and return. Five aircraft engaged in searchlight and anti-aircraft co-operation exercise.           
17/06/1942  Wednesday  Five NFTs, two a/c from Wyton, one to Bassingbourn, two to Maileys, one returned. One a/c on local flying and one on air firing. No operations carried out. P/O McLACHLAN posted on completion of operational tour. (37 sorties 200 hrs)           
18/06/1942  Thursday  Three NFTs, one air firing, three service training and one local practice flight. One aircraft ferried from Wyton. Four aircraft operated with Freshmen crews on Gardening Operations. All returned sucessfully.  Gardening         
19/06/1942  Friday  Fifteen aircraft detailed for operations. Fourteen NFTs carried out. One aircraft from Wyton, one aircraft carried out air firing practice. Twelve aircraft operated and all returned safely.  Emden         
20/06/1942  Saturday  SGT POTTS (30 sorties) P/O SHILLETO (29 sorties) P/O BROWN (28 sorties) SGT LEGGETT (27 sorties) SGT GRAHAM (29 sorties) and SGT BARHAM (31sorties) posted to O.T.U. on completion of operational tour. Two local flying, one height test carried out. One aircraft ferried from Wyton.           
21/06/1942  Sunday  Fourteen crews detailed for operations. Nine NFT and air firing practice. 2 NFT and two aircraft ferried from Wyton. Eleven crews operated of whom one returned early.  Gardening         
22/06/1942  Monday  All crews back from leave for moon period (10 days). Twelve crews detailed for ops. Nine NFTs carried out (a / ct Wyton) and one brought back. SGT ATTWATER and SGT McKENZIE to Wyton for Blind Approach course. SGT DAVIDSON & GALLEY to Mildenhall on Engine consumption course. Eleven crews took off, two abandoned early.  Emden         
23/06/1942  Tuesday  SGT BLAIR & F/SGT HOBBS (32 and 25 sorties respectively) posted to OTU's on completion of tour. One cross country flight.           
24/06/1942  Wednesday  Ten NFTs carried out but no operations detailed. Three cross country practice flights carried out.           
25/06/1942  Thursday  Twenty crews detailed for operations including one crew borrowed from BAT Flight Wyton. Seventeen NFTs and one air firing. Twenty aircraft took off of whom four returned early. One of these SGT THOMSON crashed on landing, striking pill box. His rear gunner SGT YOUNG died some minutes later.  Bremen         
26/06/1942  Friday  Seven NFTs but no operations detailed. Three height tests, one air test, Two TR training and one service training flight. One aircraft to Harwell.           
27/06/1942  Saturday  Ten NFT and TR TRAINING FLIGHTS. 7 NFT and service training. One aircraft to Harwell. Twelve aircraft operated of which one (Capt. SGT OWEN, 19th sortie) failed to return.  Bremen         
28/06/1942  Sunday  Nine NFTs C.O. Two aircraft ferried to Wyton, two carried out TR training, three formation flying, two air tests and one height test flights made. No operations.           
29/06/1942  Monday  Two new crews reported ex Lossiemouth. P/O HUDOCK reported on posting to fill Bombing Leader vacancy (vice F/Lt MAITLAND). Twelve aircraft detailed for ops of which eleven operated.  Bremen         
30/06/1942  Tuesday  No operations detailed. One local training flight carried out.