156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/07/1942  Wednesday  No operations detailed. Station Commander interviewd candidates for Commissions and flying duties. Rev. S/L Bullen (O.D.) reported to attachment to Unit. Ten NFT and TR training flights and one cross country. Four air tests, two air firing practice, three formation practice carried out. One aircraft ferried to Wyton and back. One aircraft engaged in circuits and landings.           
2/07/1942  Thursday  Twelve aircraft carried out NFT's and one air firing practice. Twelve aircraft operated of which two returned early.  Bremen         
3/07/1942  Friday  No operations detailed. Two aircraft engaged in TR training., one on service training, one carried out a height test to 15,000' with full load, One NFT, one circuits and landings, and one ferried to Wyton.           
4/07/1942  Saturday  Operations detailed and cancelled. Later four crews detailed for gardening and canceled. Eleven NFTs and one service training flight effected.           
5/07/1942  Sunday  No operations. P/O Shilleto paid visit to Squadron in MOTH aircraft. Took P/O Strachan for flight and spun into ground. P/O Strachan very seriously injured and removed to ELY Hospital. Fourteen NFTs, Two TR Training, four air firing and three altitude tests made.           
6/07/1942  Monday  Information received from International Red Cross Society to effect that Sgt. McKenna prisoner of war (Baled out over Essen - 1.6.42). Nine NFTs two TR Training and four formation practice flights. Ten aircraft detailed for gardening operations. All took off but Sgt. ATTWATER & crew and Sgt. GALLEY and crew failed to return. Both were 'Freshmen' Sorties.  Gardening         
7/07/1942  Tuesday  P/O BRIGHT & Crew, (P/O CARTER, SGT McILROY, SGT WEYMAN, and SGT WILLIAMS) completed a successful tour of operations after thirty four operational sorties. Sgt. WATTS (A/G) missing since 27.6.42) appointed to commissioned rank w.e.f. 15.5.42. One NFT, one service training and three airtests carried out. One aircraft on circuits and landings and one ferried from Gransden.           
8/07/1942  Wednesday  Squadron party arranged for Officers' Mess but cancelled due to operations. Twelve aircraft detailed for operations. Thirteen NFTs carried out. One aircraft to HONINGTON and return. One aircraft to MORETON and ABINGDON. Twelve aircraft operated, ten sucessfully, two returned early.  Wilhelmshaven         
9/07/1942  Thursday  No operations. One air test was carried out. Very sucessful party held in Officers' Mess although it conflicted, due to operations, with dance in Sergeants Mess and dance at WYTON. All ground was covered with guests.           
10/07/1942  Friday  No operations. Eleven air tests and one air to air firing practice flight.           
11/07/1942  Saturday  New crew arrived (without Captain). Twelve crews detailed for operations. Nine NFTs and six air firing and TR practice flights carried out. One aircraft ferried fro Wyton to base. Operations cancelled p.m.           
12/07/1942  Sunday  Eight airtests carried out. Operations detailed but cancelled early.           
13/07/1942  Monday  Ten aircraft detailed for operations. Eight NFTs and one service training flight carried out. One ferrried to Wyton. Ten aircraft operated, one returning early with rear turret trouble.  Duisberg         
14/07/1942  Tuesday  Two aircraft ferried to Wyton and one brought back. One aircraft on service training flight.           
15/07/1942  Wednesday  Thirteen crews detailed for operations. Six NFTs, two air firing practice, six foration practice, one local and one height test carried out. New crew (Sgt LONGMORE) arrived on posting. Operations cancelled 22.00 hrs.           
16/07/1942  Thursday  Film show of 'Ditching of Aircraft'. Training and ferry flights only.           
17/07/1942  Friday  Six crews engaged on daylight operations. Sgt WOOF attacked, but other five crews returned due to lack of cloud cover over enemy coastline. Three formation NFT. Three service training, two airtests and two local practice flights carried out.  Emden         
18/07/1942  Saturday  Poor weather. Meteorology lecture for all flying crews. Two practice bombing, four service training, five air tests and one local flying training carried out.           
19/07/1942  Sunday  Three aircraft carried out bombing practice on Berners Heath range. Four NFTs and three crews engaged on circuits and landings practice. One aircraft to Grantham and return.           
20/07/1942  Monday  Five freshmen detailed for operations and cancelled later. Six NFTs, six service training and two aircraft on circuits and landings.           
21/07/1942  Tuesday  Sgt. WOOF appointed to Commission. Twelve operational and four freshmen crews detailed for operations. Two cross country practices, six NFTs carried out in formation and five NFTs ordinary. Sixteen crews operated.  Gardening  Duisberg       
22/07/1942  Wednesday  Information received of death of Sgt. BUCHANAN. W/Op. (P/O SMITH's crew - missing 5.6.42) Two new crews arrived on posting, (Sgt. NEWLOVE and WISE and crews). Three crews detailed for operations and cancelled later.           
23/07/1942  Thursday  Three new crews posted and reported. (Captians P/O GFR. COOKE, Sgt. BRAY & Sgt BOWKER) . P/O Cooke, H. posted and reported for signals duty to replace P/O STRACHAN. Twelve crews detailed for operations. Twelve NFTs carried out, three in formation. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Twelve aircraft operated, of whom two returned early. Very fine show by Sgt. McLENNAN (DFC awarded later) (ed:DFM awarded see citation in individual records)  Duisberg         
24/07/1942  Friday  Six crrews standing by for operations (Daylight), cancelled later. Night operations also cancelled. One NFT. Information received from International Red Cross Society that the body of Sgt WG. THOMPSON was recovered from the Seine on 12.6.42. (missing in W/Cdr. HEATH's crew over Paris on night of 29.5.42)           
25/07/1942  Saturday  Fourteen crews detailed for operations. Four formation and beam practice NFTs. Nine NFTs. One aircraft ferried to Wyton and one brought back. Fourteen aircraft took off and then returned early.  Duisberg         
26/07/1942  Sunday  Thirteen crews detailed. Four NFTs and one aircraft to Wellesbourne, one from Wyton and one height test. Two crews stood down due to adverse weather conditions. Eleven operated, two returned early. S/Ldr BEAVIS shot up. F/O EWING posted to RAF Station, MARHAM  Hamburg         
27/07/1942  Monday  F/O J.M. BROWN detached to Prestwick on completion of operational tour. Sgt. TAYLOR appointed to Commissioned rank. Four aircraft on daylight operations from which one failed to return (Capt. F/S MUNDAY on 28th operational sortie)  Bremen         
28/07/1942  Tuesday  Thirteen aircraft detailed for operations. Eleven NFTs and one height test carried out. Twelve aircraft operated and three failed to return ( W/Cdr PRICE's Crew - Capts 62nd operational sorties, F/Lt WILSON & crew - 14th sortie, Sgt BORSBERRY and crew - 14th sortie but first with unit) P/O GREEN and crew abandoned arcraft by parachute. Second pilot stayed with aircraft and landed at Coltishall. Three of crew wounded and admitted to ELY. (P/O GREEN, Sgt. CARNES, Sgt GALLAHER)  Hamburg         
29/07/1942  Wednesday  Two service training and two NFTs flights effected. Six aircraft operated sucessfully. S/Ldr BEAVIS in temporary command of Squadron.  Saarbrucken         
30/07/1942  Thursday  Seven aircraft detailed for operations. Two service training and two NFTs caried out. Immediate award of D.F.M. granted to Sgt. McLENNAN for night of 23rd July. Operations cancelled due expectation of fog. (ed:handwritten addition to log) Posting notice received of W/Cdr R.N. COOK to command.           
31/07/1942  Friday  Seven aircraft standing by for operations. Two NFTs, four service training and one dual instruction flight carried out. Seven aircraft operated, two returned early and one failed to return ( Capt. P/O WOOF on thirteenth operational sortie). Squadron ordered to stand by for move to Warboys aerodrome by 7.8.42.  Dusseldorf