156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/08/1942  Saturday  Six aircraft standing by for operations which were cancelled 1800 hrs due to expectation of fog on return. Five crews training flights and one night flying test carried out.           
2/08/1942  Sunday  Six aircraft detailed for operations. Cancelled (as above) W/Cdr R.N. COOK reported on posting to command the Squadron. One aircraft ferried to Wyton and one brought back. Three training flights carried out.           
3/08/1942  Monday  Reconnaisance of Warboys aerodrome. Instructions received squadron to move to that aerodrome on 5th August and move to be completed by 7th. F/O EMBLYN (A/G) reported on posting. One NFT carried out.           
4/08/1942  Tuesday  F/LT J. HOBBS reported to fill vacancy in B Flight. F/O MITCHELL reported on posting to fill Bombing Leader vacancy. Operations detailed and cancelled. Three N.F.T. two air firing, four service training and two local flights effected.           
5/08/1942  Wednesday  Move to Warboys in process. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Sgt. THOMPSON. S. (W/OP) posted to 26 O.T.U. on completion of tour.           
6/08/1942  Thursday  Move almost completed. Six aircraft ferried to Warboys. Sgt. CARNES (P/O GREEN crew) granted immediate D.F.M. Three crews operated sucessfully, landing at Wyton for interrogation.  Duisberg         
7/08/1942  Friday  Six aircraft detailed for operations. P/O VERDON-ROE reported for duty on posting for flying duties. Three aircraft ferried to Wyton and two brought back. One ferried to Mildenhall and three brought back. Seven aircraft ferried from Alconbury to Warboys. Operations cancelled.           
8/08/1942  Saturday  Ten aircraft detailed for operations and later cancelled. One aircraft to Wyton and Alconbury. One N.F.T. carried out.           
9/08/1942  Sunday  Twelve aircraft detailed for operations. All operated sucessfully. One air firing and three N.F.Ts carried out. P/O R.J. GREEN granted immediate award of D.F.C. (Still in hospital)  Osnabruck  Le Havre       
10/08/1942  Monday  Nine aircraft standing by for ops, cancelled later in afternoon. One air test carried out.           
11/08/1942  Tuesday  Ten aircraft detailed for operations. Seven N.F.T. Two air firing and one training flight carried out. All aircraft operated on MAINZ and three failed to return, all experienced and first class crews. S/Ldr BEAVIS and crew, P/O TAYLOR and crew, Sgt HARKER and crew.  Mainz         
12/08/1942  Wednesday  Ten aircraft detailed for operations. P/O VERDON-ROE posted N.E. to Wyton with broken arm which he brought with him on arrival. New crew arrived on posting. P/O BYERS (Capt) P/O LONGUET (Nav). All aircraft operated and returned.  Mainz         
13/08/1942  Thursday  No operations carried out. Three air firing and one air firing flight affected. One engaged on local flying, one ferried to Wyton and one to Buchan North. Information received from Red Cross of death of Sgt ATTWATER and crew (missing 6/7/42)           
14/08/1942  Friday  Sgt. KELHAM and crew completed operational tour and stood down (33 operations.) One N.F.T., one oil consumption test and one air firing practice carried out.           
15/08/1942  Saturday  Sgt DAVIDSON attached to control for A.C.P. duties. Eleven aircraft detailed for operations. Sgt KIRKUS appointed to commissioned rank. Three aircraft withdrawn from operations. Three returned early and one failed to return (Sgt NEWLOVE and crew)  Dusseldorf         
16/08/1942  Sunday  No operations detailed. One air firing practice, two airt tests, two aircraft ferried to Wyton and one aircraft to Sywell.           
17/08/1942  Monday  Operations cancelled. Seven N.F.T.s carried out. One photographic training flight and one aircraft ferried to Wyton. Very sucessful party held at Officers Mess.           
18/08/1942  Tuesday  Operations detailed. One local and one N.F.T. carried out. F/Sgt BARRITT appointed to commissioned rank. Eight aircraft operated sucessfully.  Flensburg         
19/08/1942  Wednesday  No operations. Two N.F.Ts and one aircraft to Derby and return.           
20/08/1942  Thursday  Lectures on P.F.F. by G/Capt BENNETT D.S.O. Six crews volunteered for Pathfinder duties. Four test flights and one aircraft to Derby and return.           
21/08/1942  Friday  No operations. Three new crews reported on posting. Six N.F.Ts, three cross countries, two air tests, one height test and one navigation exercise carried out.           
22/08/1942  Saturday  No operations detailed. One aircraft flew to Burcoat and one to Bassingbourne and return. One carried out weaving tests, one N.F.T., one from Updwood and one training flight.           
23/08/1942  Sunday  No operation. One loop swing, one aircraft to Sherlingford, two air tests and two cross country practice flights carried out.           
24/08/1942  Monday  Eight aircraft detailed for operations. One aircraft to Wittering and Stradishall. One to Derby and return. Two N.F.Ts carried out. Four aircraft operated, F/S McKENZIE landed at Abingdon on return.  Frankfurt         
25/08/1942  Tuesday  Twelve aircraft detailed for operations and cancelled 2300 hrs. One anti-aircraft and one search light office attached to squadron for liason duties. One aircraft on circuits and landings, three air tests, eight N.F.Ts, three air firing and one height test carried out.           
26/08/1942  Wednesday  Fourteen aircraft detailed and cancelled on expectation of thunderstorms. Seven airtests, two airfiring and one oil consumption flight.           
27/08/1942  Thursday  Fourteen aircraft detailed. Two dual, two air firing, two N.F.T., one cross country flight. All aircraft took off. Four returned early. Very fine show by F/L GILMOUR in marking target. Three aircraft failed to return. F/Sgt SAVAGE, F/Sgt LONGHURST, Sgt JAMES and crews.  Kassel         
28/08/1942  Friday  Eleven detailed for operations. One N.F.T., one dual, one practice, two local tests and one aircraft ferried to Wyton. Three aircraft withdrawn and eight operated. Three returned early and one (F/LT GILMOUR, F/LT SPENCER and crew) failed to return.  Nurnburg         
29/08/1942  Saturday  No operations. Several local tests and one airfiring practice carried out. Squadron stand down in afternoon and two liberty buses sent to Cambridge with air crews.           
30/08/1942  Sunday  Operations detailed and cancelled due to thunderstorm. Visit from F/L SPENCER's father and mother.           
31/08/1942  Monday  Nine aircraft detailed for operations. One "George" test, one dual instruction. One N.F.T. and two cross country flights carried out. Station commander carried out night flying practice on Squadron aircraft. Sgt BROUGH recommended for commission. Operations cancelled.