156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/09/1942  Tuesday  Six aircraft detailed for operations, all operated, one crashed at King's Ripton, three members of the crew being killed. One returned early.  Saarbrucken         
2/09/1942  Wednesday  Three aircraft detailed for operations, and operated sucessfully. One night dual flight by S/LD HOBBS.  Karlsruhe         
3/09/1942  Thursday  Special services by the Padre S/LD BULLEN in commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of the war. No operations detailed.           
4/09/1942  Friday  Nine aircraft detailed for operations, eight operated and two returned early. ENSA concert in dining hall. F/LT GILMOUR awarded immediate D.F.C. for operations on 27 August 1942.  Bremen         
5/09/1942  Saturday  No operations.           
6/09/1942  Sunday  Eight detailed for operations, one failed to take off and two returned early  Duisberg         
7/09/1942  Monday  Four aircraft detailed for operations, one for bulls eye. Four took off, but were recalled while crossing the coast.  Warnemunde         
8/09/1942  Tuesday  Nine aircraft detailed for operations, nine operated, one returned early. F/LT GRIMSTON and crew reported for duty.  Frankfurt         
9/09/1942  Wednesday  No operations. Squadron stand down. Two new crews reported.           
10/09/1942  Thursday  Eleven aircraft detailed for operations. Ten operated. Sgt KEARNS and crew from 75 Squadron reported for duty with P.F.F. Two new crews reported.  Dusseldorf         
11/09/1942  Friday  Eleven aircraft detailed, but operations cancelled owing to expectation of fog. Three new Captains posted.           
12/09/1942  Saturday  Operations detailed and cancelled at 1900 hrs. Visit by American Officers.           
13/09/1942  Sunday  Twelve aircraft detailed, all operated, but two failed to return. S/LD COLLIER, Sgt BROUGH and crews  Bremen         
14/09/1942  Monday  Eight aircraft detailed, all operated, but two returned early. Lecture by Group Capt Bennett, O/C Path Finder Force.  Wilhelmshaven         
15/09/1942  Tuesday  No operations. One cross country flight and one circuits and landing carried out.           
16/09/1942  Wednesday  Operations, 1 air test, 1 air firing and 1 night flying test carried out, also one circuit and landing. Seven aircraft operated. One returned early.  Essen         
17/09/1942  Thursday  One dual circuit and landing and one flight to Newmarket carried out. Squadron stand down           
18/09/1942  Friday  Squadron stand down, three cross country, 2 dual circuit and landing and two circuit and landing carried out. One new crew arrived. F/LT FRAME flew to Lindholme to report for duty there.           
19/09/1942  Saturday  Nine aircraft detailed for operations. Three failed to take off, one crew failed to return (Sgt BASTABLE). S/LD ASHWORTH landed aircraft at West Malling Kent after remainder of his crew had baled out over the target area.  Saarbrucken         
20/09/1942  Sunday  No operations. 3 Dual Circuit and Landing Flights carried out.           
21/09/1942  Monday  No operations. P/O LAING and P/O STEVENSON reported for duty. 4 Air Tests including 1 to Mildenhall, 1 Solo and 3 dual circuits and landings.           
22/09/1942  Tuesday  No Operations. Squadron stand down. 2 new crews reported for duty. 1 Cross Country 2 Dual and three circuits and landings carried out. Squadron dinner in Officers' Mess.           
23/09/1942  Wednesday  No Operations. 3 Cross Country, 3 Bombing Practice, and 2 air test carried out. P/O LANG flew to West Malling to collect S/Ldr ASHWORTH's aircraft and returned to base.           
24/09/1942  Thursday  No operations. All air crews saw instructional film on oxygen. Two circuits and landings, one night cross country and bombing, 1 Circuit and landing. 2 Night Training Flights. P/O BRIGHT and P/O CARTER awarded D.F.C.           
25/09/1942  Friday  No operations. 1 air test and 1 air firing. All air crews saw a film on ditching & attended lecture by F/Lt YELLAND on enemy night defence and enemy Recognition Signals. 83 WAAF attended lecture by F/Lt YELLAND on Security.           
26/09/1942  Saturday  No Operations, 6 cross country flights. 1 Air Test, 2 Circuits and landings, 4 Night Training Flights. F/LT WORMSLEY and crew reported for duty. One new crew reported for duty. Squadron stand down. A Flight ground crews defeated at football B flight ground crew 4 -1           
27/09/1942  Sunday  No operations. 1 Flight to Wyton and base. 3 Circuits and landings. 2 dual circuits, 3 S/E flying. Navigators beat Wireless Ops at football 3 - 2. All air crews attended lecture by F/Lt YELLAND on Intelligence.           
28/09/1942  Monday  No operational or training flights owing to inclement weather.           
29/09/1942  Tuesday  No operations. 1 Dual circuits and landings. 1 Practice Solo Base - Witney - Stowmarket. 1 Bircham Newton to Base. 5 Air Firing Tests, 2 Local Flying 4 Air Tests. S/LDR HOOKWAY reported for duty. F/LT FINZEL gave talk to all air crews on First Aid in the air after a crash. Station Armoury beat Station Defence at football 6 - 5.           
30/09/1942  Wednesday  Squadron stand down. 3 Air Tests. 2 Cross Country. 5 a/c detailed for Night Training. 4 took off. 156 Squadron beat S.H.Q. at football 5 - 1.