156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/10/1942  Thursday  No operations, 2 air tests, 2 practice solo, 1 dual circuits and landings, two night flying tests, 2 night cross country, 1 night circuits and landings, 1 dual night circuits and landings and three fighter cooperation Flights carried out. Pilots drew with Air Gunners at football by 3 - 3.           
2/10/1942  Friday  11 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and all returned. 2 cross country, 3 air tests, 4 night flying tests and 1 dual circuits and landings carried out.  Krefeld         
3/10/1942  Saturday  10 aircraft detailed for operations but cancelled at 1700 hrs. 1 local flying and 1 night flying test carried out. P/O CYBULSKI, P/O CRAWFORD, P/O MANN and P/O SULLIVAN reported for duty           
4/10/1942  Sunday  No operations. 2 flights to WYTON and return. 1 loacl flight test carried out. Lecture on Aircraft Recognition to all flying crews by F/LT MACRAE. Practice for rugby football team played in the afternoon.           
5/10/1942  Monday  12 aircraft detailed for operations. 5 took off. 1 A/C crashed at SOMERSHAM all the crew baled out safely. 1 A/C crashed at GESTINGTHORP, the pilot Sgt CHIDDICK was killed, but rest of the crew baled out safely. F/LT GREENUP landed his A/C at MANSTON, the remainder of the crew having baled out over enemy occupied territory.  Aachen         
6/10/1942  Tuesday  Operations. 5 air tests carried out. 1 flight from COTTESMORE to base by F/LT GRIMSTON. 1 A/C flew to STRADISHALL to bring back Sgt CHIDDICK's crew and P/O VERDON-ROE flew to MANSTON to bring back F/LT GREENUP. Seven aircraft operated, one returning early.  Osnabruck         
7/10/1942  Wednesday  No operations. 1 dual circuits and landings carried out.           
8/10/1942  Thursday  3 air tests, 1 air firing and 4 fighter affiliation flights carried out, also two flights to FINNINGLEY and return to base. No operations. Squadron stand down.           
9/10/1942  Friday  No Operations AIR MARSHALL HARRIS, C IN C, Bomber Command visited the station, accompanied by the A.O.C. No. 3 Group AIR VICE MARSHALL COCHRANE and GROUP CAPTAIN BENNETT Commander of P.F.F.           
10/10/1942  Saturday  No operations. 9 aircraft detailed for Bullseye. 6 took off, 1 aircraft was scrubbed and two aircraft returned early.           
11/10/1942  Sunday  No operations. 6 cross country flights, 3 air tests, 1 dual circuits and landing., 1 feathering practice and 1 compass heck carried out, also 1 flight to WYTON.           
12/10/1942  Monday  No operations. Squadron stand down. 4 dual and solo circuits, 5 cross country flights, 2 night flying tests and S/E flying carried out. 1 local T.R. 1335 practice, 1 flight to WELLSBOURNE.           
13/10/1942  Tuesday  8 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off, but one failed to return. One A/C landed at MARTLESHAM and one at WYTON. Four aircraft detailed for Bullseye training, all took off and returned. 2 NFT, 4 cross country flights and 4 air test carried out.  Kiel         
14/10/1942  Wednesday  No operations. One flight from WYTON. P/O LANG flew to MARTLESHAM to pick up P/O CYBULSKI and crew. 2 air tests carried out.           
15/10/1942  Thursday  8 aircraft detailed for operations. 8 took off, but one failed to return.  Koln         
16/10/1942  Friday  No operations. 3 crews flew to MILDENSHALL ferrying aircraft.           
17/10/1942  Saturday  No operations. One cross country, 4 local flights, 1 air test and 2 ferrying flights carried out. Flying crews played rugby and soccer football. 3 aircraft detailed for ops but cancelled at 1600 hrs.           
18/10/1942  Sunday  No operations. One flight to MARTLESHAM and 3 air firing tests carried out.           
19/10/1942  Monday  No operations. 1 fllight to EDGEHILL. Lecture by S/LD MITCHELL on 'NAVIGATION'. Wireless operators beat pilots and navigators at soccer 4 - 0.           
20/10/1942  Tuesday  No operations. 3 cross country, 1 take off test, 1 air firing test, 1 air test and one local flying test carried out.           
21/10/1942  Wednesday  No operations. 1 local flying, 1 air test, 1 air firing and 1 cross country flight carried out. 4 officers attended dinner of Royal Observer Corps at SUTTON FEN           
22/10/1942  Thursday  No operations. 4 air tests, 1 local flight and 2 air firing test carried out. S/LD GANON reported for duty as Gunnery Leader. The film 'NEXT OF KIN' shown to personnel in dining hall.           
23/10/1942  Friday  No flying owing to inclement weather. S/LD CARTER reported for duty as Bombing Leader. Film "NEXT OF KIN" shown in Dining Hall. 12 Officers attended dinner given by the U.S.A.A.C. at ALCONBURY.           
24/10/1942  Saturday  No operations. 1 flight to EDGEHILL, 1 air test, 2 local GEE practices, 1 air firing test and one flight to WELLESBOURNE carried out. Film "NEXT OF KIN" shown.           
25/10/1942  Sunday  No operations. 1 flight to GRANSTON and back to base. 5 air tests carried out. 1 flight to MILDENHALL and return. 1 flight from WELLESBOURNE to base and 1 from MILDENHALL to base.           
26/10/1942  Monday  No operations. 4 flights to LUDHAM for fighter affiliation. W/C RIVETT-CARNAC D.F.C. arrived to take over command of the Squadron.           
27/10/1942  Tuesday  5 aircraft detailed for operations, which were cancelled at 1600 hrs. 5 night flying tests and 2 air test carried out. 1 local flying to MILDENHALL.           
28/10/1942  Wednesday  No operations. 1 air test, 1 flight to WYTON. W/C RIVETT-CARNAC took over command of the Squadron. Vice W/C. R.N. COOK, who was posted to HEMSWELL.           
29/10/1942  Thursday  No operations. 2 night flying tests carried out, also flight to MILDENHALL and one from MILDENHALL. 1 flight to BIRCOTE and return, 1 air test.           
30/10/1942  Friday  No operations. 2 night flying tests carried out, also 3 flights to WYTON, and 1 to GRAVELEY.           
31/10/1942  Saturday  No operations. 2 air tests carried out. 1 flight from Wyton to base, 1 to STRADISHALL, 1 from STRADISHALL and one flight to WYTON.