156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/01/1943  Friday  No operations. Squadron commenced conversion from WELLINGTON III A/C to LANCASTER I A/C. 1 flight to WYTON.           
2/01/1943  Saturday  No operations. 1 flight from WYTON 3 flights to WYTON. F/Sgt PROUDFOOT (missing) appointed to commissioned ranks.           
3/01/1943  Sunday  1 local flight on LANCASTER I. S/LD GAMON attached to MILDENHAL for defence course. 5 A/C carried out bomber training at LAKENHEATH bomning range. F/LT FRAME, F/LT FINZEL, SGT KEOGH CPL BAYNAM, CPL MICHAEL Mentioned in Despatches.           
4/01/1943  Monday  No operations. 1 dual and 1 local solo flight on Lancaster I. 3 N.F.T., 4 A/C to RUSHFORD bombing range fro bombing practice. P/O FOSTER ceased attachment at MILDENHALL.           
5/01/1943  Tuesday  No operations. F/O LUFF reported for wireless operator / air gunner duties.           
6/01/1943  Wednesday  No operations. P/O STRACHAN POSTED BACK TO Squadron, after being non-effective sick for some months, and took up his duties as signals leader, within his medical category. All aircrew personnell took part in a navigational "quiz". Snow prevented any flying. S/L GRIMSTON awarded D.F.C. and Sgt COUCHMAN the B.E.M.           
7/01/1943  Thursday  No flying owing to inclement weather. P/O MUMFORD reported for duty as elect. Engineer Officer           
8/01/1943  Friday  No operations. 2 dual and solo flights on Lancaster A/C. 5 N.F.T. and 3 fighter affiliation carried out. 1 new crew reported duty (W/O TAYLOR and crew from 103 squadron)           
9/01/1943  Saturday  1 local flight, 1 to WYTON, 6 N.F.T. carried out. 1 flight to ELMDON. S/LD GAMON attached to STORMY DOWN for siting course.           
10/01/1943  Sunday  No flying owing to inclement weather. Lecture to all flying crew by F/LT YELLAND.           
11/01/1943  Monday  2 local flights, and 1 flight from ELMDON. Lecture to flying crews by F/LT PIRKIN on ESCAPE.           
12/01/1943  Tuesday  Inclement weather prevented any extensive flying. 4 local flights and 1 to Wyton. F/S ISAACSON D.F.C. and crew posted from 460 Squadron. (**Note should read DFM see 16/3/43)           
13/01/1943  Wednesday  1 photography test flight, 3 local and 4 local night flights carried out. 5 A/C detailed for bombing practice at RUSHFORD bombing range. S/LD GAMON ceased attachment at STORMY DOWN. S/L WOMERSLEY awarded D.S.O.           
14/01/1943  Thursday  Lecture to all flying personnel by Commander BOTLEY R.N. on the Naval Aspects of Mining. 3 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned. 1 flight to Wyton. Sgt CUNNING reported prisoner of war.  Lorient         
15/01/1943  Friday  4 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned. F/O BRYCE-CURTIS reported for duty as Squadron Medical Officer. 4 cross country flights, 4 local night flights carried out. 1 flight from HARWELL to base.  Lorient         
16/01/1943  Saturday  No flying owing to inclement weather.           
17/01/1943  Sunday  5 aircraft detailed for operations, cancelled at 1600 hrs. 2 cross country, 5 N.F.T. and 3 flights to WHITE WALTHAM carried out. F/O COOKE attached to MILDENHALL for defence course, and F/O GRILLAGE posted back to the unit after ceasing attachment at MILDENHALL. W/C RIVETT-CARNAC admitted to ELY HOSPITAL and S/L HOOKWAY D.F.C. assumed control.           
18/01/1943  Monday  No flying owing to inclement weather.           
19/01/1943  Tuesday  No flying owing to inclement weather. S/LD DONALDSON reported for flying crew duties.           
20/01/1943  Wednesday  No operations. 5 local flights, 4 N.F.T. and one flight from WHITE WALTHAM.           
21/01/1943  Thursday  No operations, 1 air test.           
22/01/1943  Friday  Bad weather prevented flying. 2 flights from WYTON. 10 gunners from 7 A.G.S.           
23/01/1943  Saturday  5 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off and returned safely. 1 flight from WYTON. 2 local flights. 1 air test. 1 dual and solo. 1 N.F.T. and 4 B/A single engine training flights carried out.  Lorient         
24/01/1943  Sunday  7 aircraft detailed for operations, which were later cancelled. 1 air test, 2 N.F.T. and 1 air firing test.           
25/01/1943  Monday  No operations. 2 air firing, 1 local flight, 4 B/A dual, 2 N.F.T. carried out.           
26/01/1943  Tuesday  The Squadron operated for the first time on LANCASTER 1 A/C , 4 aircraft detailed, all took off and all returned safely. 1 air firing and N.F.T. 2 N.F.T., 1 air test, 2 circuits and landings. P/O JOLLEY reported for duty as aircrew.  Lorient         
27/01/1943  Wednesday  4 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off, but one returned early. 4 N.F.T. to WYTON. 1 FLIGHT FROM wyton. 4 circuits and landings. P/O RITCHIE reported for air crew duties.  Dusseldorf         
28/01/1943  Thursday  3 aircraft detailed for operations, but later cancelled. P/O MACKIE reported from 109 Squadron for aircrew duties, also F/Sgt RIXON and F/SGT HAZELWOOD. Sgt. NEILSON and F/Sgt ISAACSON appointed to commissioned rank. F/L MACPHERSON posted to 1656 C.U.           
29/01/1943  Friday  No operations. 1 air firing to LINDHOLME, 1 to OAKINGTON and return, 1 to PERSHORE, 1 to NEWMARKET. 2 from WYTON to PERSHORE, 1 air firing, 1 climbing test, 1 night flare test and 1 night cross country flight carried out. F/S PORTCH posted from 150 Squadron. 10 A.G' s and 10 F/Engs posted from 1656 C.U.           
30/01/1943  Saturday  5 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off, but 1 returned early. 2 flights to WYTON, 1 cross country and 1 local flight.  Hamburg         
31/01/1943  Sunday  No flying owing to strong gale and rain. F/O FAWDON ceased attachment at MILDENHALL and F/O HATTRICK attached to MILDENHALL for defence course.