156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/06/1943  Tuesday  No Operations. 1 Flight to FINNINGLEY and return, 1 Cross Country, 1 N.F.T. and Fighter Affiliation, 4 Bombing Practice Flights, 1 Beam Flying and 2 N.F.T. and Air Firing Tests also carried out. F/S DAVIDSON (Pilot) posted to 13 O.T.U.           
2/06/1943  Wednesday  No operations, 10 N.F.T. 1 "Y" Training and Beam, 1 Flight to LICHFIELD and return, 2 "Y" Training Flights, 2 Air to Sea Firing, 2 Local Flights, 3 Beam Flying, and 1 Flight to BINBROOK and return.           
3/06/1943  Thursday  No Operations. 1 Flight to GRAVELEY and return., 1 S.B.A., 1 N.F.T beam and low flying, 1 "Y" Training, 5 N.F.T. and 1 Local Flight. F/S STAPLES (A/G) posted in from 1481 Flight and S/L THOMAS (Navigator) from 26 O.T.U. for flying duties.           
4/06/1943  Friday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 4 Bombing Practice Flights at RUSHFORD bombing range, 3 Air to Sea Flights, 2 Air to Air Firing, 2 B.A.T. Flights, 1 Cross Country, 3 N.F.T., 1 Flight to WICKENBY, 1 to HOLME and return, 2 to WYTON, 1 to ELSHAM WOLD and return.           
5/06/1943  Saturday  15 Aircraft detailed for operations but were cancelled. 1 Air to Sea Firing Practice. 2 "Y" Training, 15 N.F.T., 1 Local Flight, and 1 Air Firing Test. P/O TIMPERLEY (Pilot) and SGT WHITMORE (A/G) posted for flying duties from 166 Squadron.           
6/06/1943  Sunday  15 Aircraft detailed for operations but were cancelled. 1 Air to Sea Firing Practice. 6 "Y" Training flights, 6 N.F.T., 1 Local Flying, 1 to STRADISHALL, 1 N.F.T. beam, and local flying tests carried out.           
7/06/1943  Monday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations, which were later cancelled. 1 Air to Sea Firing, 3 "Y" Training, 17 N.F.T. and 1 Air Firing Test carried out. S/L LAWSON posted to No. 8 (PFF) Group as Group Navigation Officer. (W/C Post) SGT WOOD (Pilot) posted to 1659 C.U.           
8/06/1943  Tuesday  6 Aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. G/C R.W.P. COLLINGS, A.F.C., took over command of the Squadron. W/C T.S. RIVETT-CARNAC, D.F.C. posted to H.Q. No. 93 Group. 2 "Y" Training flights, 1 Height Test, 3 Beam low flying, 1 Cross-Country, 1 Tail Wheel Test, 2 S.B.A., 2 N.F.T., 1 Fighter Affiliation, and N.F.T., Flight to SQUIRES GATE and return.           
9/06/1943  Wednesday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 4 "Y" Training flights, 11 N.F.T., 1 from WYTON, and air firing, 2 Air Firing test carried out. F/S TREMBLAY and F/S CASE (both reported missing) appointed to Commissioned rank. F/L HALL posted to Squadron from 405 Squadron for aircrew duties.           
10/06/1943  Thursday  No operations. 1 "Y" Training, 1 1 Locan and low flying, 2 Air Firing Tests, and 1 Local Flight. F/S WHITE, DFM (reported missing) appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
11/06/1943  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and one failed to return. (F/S LAY and crew). 1 Flight to ALDERGROVE, 1 to ELSHAM WOOD and return, 15 N.F.T., 2 "Y" Training Flights, 1 Air Test. F/L FOSTER (Bombing Leader) attached to H.Q. No. 8 (PFF) Group for Group Bombing Leader.  Dusseldorf  Munster       
12/06/1943  Saturday  17 aircraft detailed for operations - 4 later cancelled - and 13 took off and returned. F/S PARK (F/Eng) reported for flying duties from 35 Squadron.  Bochum         
13/06/1943  Sunday  No operations. 2 "Y" Training Flights, 1 Local Beam, 1 Cross-Country. F/O DRAKE DFM attached to P.F.F.N.T.U. UPWOOD.           
14/06/1943  Monday  No operations. 4 N.F.T, 3 "Y" Training Flights, 2 Air Firing, 4 Fighter Affiliation, 1 Air to Air Firing, 2 Low Flying, 2 Local Flights. F/S MULLIGAN and SGT HAMILTON appointed to Commissioned Rank. F/S ATKIN awarded D.F.M.           
15/06/1943  Tuesday  No operations. 5 aircraft detailed for "Bullseye" Exercise, which was later cancelled. 4 "Y" Training Flights, 1 N.F.T., 1 Local Flight, 1 Air Firing Test, 1 Dual Circuits and Landings, 4 Air to Sea Firings, 1 R.A.T. Flight, 1 Bomb levelling, 1 Flight to NORTH WEALD, one to CHURCH BROMPTON 1 to NORTH LUFFENHAM. F/O B.F. SMITH , F/O W.J. SMITH, and P/O SAUNDERS awarded D.F.C.           
16/06/1943  Wednesday  20 aircraft detailed for operations. 18 (seems to be a corrrection to 19?) took off but 3 failed to return (S/L MACKINTOSH, W/O BUSBY, and SGT MILLER & crews). 14 N.F.T., 1 Solo, 1 Check Dual, 1 "Y" Training, 1 Cross-Country flight to SCORTON and reurn, 1 Air Firing Test, 1 B.A.T. Flight.  Koln         
17/06/1943  Thursday  No operations. 5 aircraft detailed for "Bullseye" Exercise - all took off and returned. 1 Local Flight, 1 to GRANSDEN LODGE and return, 1 "Y" Training, 1 B.A.T. Flight 1 S.B.A., 1 Fighter Affilliation, 1 to WYTON. S/L MANSFIELD (Pilot) reported for duty from 97 Squadron, also F/O ALEXANDER, DFM., (Navigator) and P/O WRIGHT (WO/AG) posted to Squadron for flying duties. P/O MOFFAT posted in from 7 Squadron for aircrew duties. SGT EDE, P/O WEAVER, SGT LEWIS, SGT AMBRIDGE, SGT WAKEMAN, & SGT BURROUGHS posted in from 35 Squadron ( as crew for F/O HUDSON) . SGT ROWE posted to 1656 C.U.           
18/06/1943  Friday  No operations. Very bad weather prevented any extensive flights. 1 Local Flight, 1 "Y" Training, 1 to WYMESWOLD and return. P/O HOOD (Navigator) posted to 26 O.T.U. for instructor duties. P/O MANVELL, DFM., posted from 1656 C.U. for F/Engineer duties. P/O HUMPHREYS posted in from 35 Squadron for aircrew duties.           
19/06/1943  Saturday  15 aircraft detailed for operations - all took off and returned but one returned early. 11 N.F.T., 2 Local Flights, 3 "Y" Training Flights, 1 Fighter Affiliation, and 1 Flight from WTYON.  Montchanin         
20/06/1943  Sunday  No Operations. 1 Cross-Country - landed at LICHFIELD.           
21/06/1943  Monday  19 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off but 1 failed to return (F/S MARSON). 1 Cross-Country, 6 "Y" Training Flights, 15 N.F.T., 2 Air Tests, and 1 flight from WYTON. W/C DONALDSON, DSO, DFC., posted to command 1657 C.U.  Krefeld         
22/06/1943  Tuesday  15 aircraft detailed for operations - all took off, 1 returned early and 1 failed to return (F/S WINTERBON) . 1 Cross Country and 2 "Y" Training Flights.  Mulheim         
23/06/1943  Wednesday  No operations. 1 Air Fring Test, 3 Local Flights, 1 N.F.T., 2 Night Cross-Country Flights, 2 Air Tests, 1 "Y" Training, 1 Cross-Country, 1 from WYTON. SGT BALDWIN (A/G) posted to 30 O.T.U. for instructor duties.           
24/06/1943  Thursday  15 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off but 2 failed to return (W/O BROWN & P/O HUDSON and their crews) . 5 N.F.T. 1 Beam and low flying, 1 Air Firing, 1 "Y" Training Flight.  Elberfeld         
25/06/1943  Friday  No Operations. 2 Aitr Tests, 1 Local and low flying, 2 "Y" Training Flights, and 4 N.F.T carried out. F/L MANDENO (Pilot) granted immediate award of the D.F.C. SGT WILKINS and crew posted in for flying duties from 101 Squadron.           
26/06/1943  Saturday  No operations. 1 N.F.T. and Cross-Country. 1 N.F.T. beam and low flying, 1 flight from WYTON to BASE, 1 Air Test, 2 N.F.T., 1 Air Firing, 3 "Y" Training Flights, 2 S.B.A., 2 Air to Air Firing. F/O DRAKE, DFM posted to 13 I.T.W. for Pilot training. SGT BARTON (Nav/B) posted to Squadron from H.Q. PFF., for aircrew duties, also W/O MORGAN (Nav/B). F/S WISHART and crew posted in from 103 Squadron for flying duties.           
27/06/1943  Sunday  No Operations. 5 Bombing Practice Flights, 1 to LICHFIELD, and return., 1 to EDGE HILL and return, 1 Beam and low flying, 1 Cross-Coubtry to STRATFORD, 3 "Y" Training Flights, 1 to BINBROOK, 3 Fighter Affiliation, 1 to CHURCH BREIGTON and return, 2 N.F.T. and air firing.           
28/06/1943  Monday  13 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned. 9 N.F.T. 4 "Y" Training, 1 Engine Test, 1 Beam and low firing, 2 Night Circuits and landings, 1 Local, 1 Bombing Practice Flight.  Koln         
29/06/1943  Tuesday  No Operations. 4 "Y" Training Flights, 1 Local Flight, 1 Cross- Country, 1 from WYTON, 1 to SOMERTON and return, 2 Bombing Practice Flights, 1 Altitude Test. FS REYNOLDS (A/G) appointed to Commissioned rank.           
30/06/1943  Wednesday  No Operations. 3 "Y" Training Flights, 1 to STRATFORD, 2 N.F.T. 2 Air Tests, 1 Air to Air Firing, 1 to CASTLE DONINGTON and return, 1 flight from WYTON, 1 B.A.T. Flight