156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/09/1943  Wednesday  No operations and no flying. F/L Fawcett appointed acting Squadron Leader. S/L Mathers attached to B.D.U           
2/09/1943  Thursday  5 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned. 10 N.F.T, 4 practice Bombing Flights, 7 Y Training Flights and 1 to WICKENBY and return.  Foret de Mormal         
3/09/1943  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations: 20 took off but one failed to return ( F/O Shannahan and crew). Aircraft "U" (F/O Fodderingham and crew less Flight Engineer) crashed near EAST WRETHAM. All the crew were killed - cause of the accident unknown. F/O Walker appointed acting Flight Lieutenant also F/O Mackie and F/O Stafford. F/O Stafford, a member of F/O Shannahan's crew failed to return from the nights operations. 4 N.F.F and 6 Air to Air firing flights carried out. F/O Holding attached to the Squadron from 1507 B.A.T. Fight  Berlin  Training       
4/09/1943  Saturday  No Operations and no flying. F/S Havard (Nav) and F/S Brown DFM (A/B) appointed to commissioned rank. W/C Duigan DSO DFC instructed to report to 81 C.T.U. for temporary duty pending posting as C.I.           
5/09/1943  Sunday  20 aircraft detailed for operations. 20 took off, but one failed to return. (F/O Pritchard and Crew). 19 N.F.T carried out, also 2 Air Firing Flights.  Mannheim         
6/09/1943  Monday  19 aircraft detailed for operations: All took off, but two failed to return (F/L Maclaghlan DFC and crew, F/O Lutz DFC And crew) P/O Atkin DFM ceased attachment to the Squadron from UPWOOD.  Munich         
7/09/1943  Tuesday  No operations and no flying. P/O Saunders posted to 10 C.T.U. S/L Young and crew posted to 7 Squadron for aircrew details.           
8/09/1943  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations, but were cancelled. 16 N.F.T. and 2 Y Training Flights.           
9/09/1943  Thursday  18 aircraft detailed for operations, which were cancelled almost on the time of takeoff. F/L Vincent and F/L Mulligan promoted Acting Squadron Leader. F/O Drew F/O R.P. Wright, F/O J.I. Wright and F/O Lutz to Acting Flight Lieutenant. 2 Air Tests, 2 Bombing, 6 Y Training Flights, 2 N.F.T.           
10/09/1943  Friday  No Operations. 1 to ST. EVAL and BASE, 1 to PERSHORE and base. 1 to ODIHAM and base. 1 Local light. W/C WHITE, S/L HALL AND S/L FOSTER awarded the D.F.C. W/O FAST posted to 21 .O.T.U. for instructor duties. SGT BLAND DFM to 22 O.T.U for instructor dutiies.           
11/09/1943  Saturday  No Operations. P/O STEWART (Pilot) appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant. SGT STIMPSON appointed to commissioned rank.           
12/09/1943  Sunday  No Operations. 9 Y Training Flights. 3 N.F.T. (1 landed at WIGLEY)           
13/09/1943  Monday  No Operations. 6 y Training Flights, 1 Air to Sea Firing, 1 Beam flight. F/S GYNTHER (Pilot), F/S GILL (W/OP), F/O ROBERTSON (Air.B), P/O RAPER (F/E) , posted to the Squadron from 460 SQUADRON for flying duties and crewing up with F/S/ ROYLE. F/O KILVINGTON and crew from 103 SQUADRON. SGT MCLEAN and crew from 1656 CONVERSION UNIT F/S RAY and crew from 101 SQUADRON. SGT BATMAN and crew from 1667 CONVERSION UNIT. SGT BLAMEY and Crew from 1667 CONVERSION UNIT. F/SGT BAGOT and Crew from 100 SQUADRON. SGT CROMARTY and Crew from 12 SQUADRON. All posted to the Squadron for flying duties. W/O DENWOOD DFC Posted to 1655 M.T.U. P/O COLBERT (F/E) reported from 1656 CONVERSION UNIT for aircrew duties.           
14/09/1943  Tuesday  No Operations. 1 Bombing and Air Firing. 1 Air to Sea Firing and low flying. 7 Y Training flights. (1 klanded at MARHAM and 1 at BINBROOK). 2 Beam and 3 Fighter Affiliation Flights. F/O DAY and Crew posted from 103 Squadron for flying duties.           
15/09/1943  Wednesday  1 aircraft detailed for operations, took off and returned early. 3 Air Firing, 3 Y Training ( 1 landed at WEST FREUGH) 1 Gighter Affiliation, 2 Bombing, 2 Air to Sea Firing, 1 Air to Air Firing.  MontLucon         
16/09/1943  Thursday  20 aircraft detailed for operations. 19 took off and returned safely. W/O CATT (W/OP) and F/S JENNINGS (W/OP) reported for flying duties from 19 O.T.U. 1 Y Training flight, 11 N.F.T. F/O F. R. KENNEDY (Nav) died in ELY HOSPITAL, from natural causes. F/L CLARK (W/OP) from 15 O.T.U. for flying duties. F/L STEWART awarded D.F.C. And F/S MARRIAGE the D.F.M.  Modane  Ely Hospital       
17/09/1943  Friday  No Operations P/O TIMPERLEY, DFC granted war substantive rank of Flying Officer. F/O ALEXANDER DFM appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant. SGT HERNAMAN appointed to commissioned rank. F/S HOLLEY (A/G) reported for flying duties from 20 O.T.U.           
18/09/1943  Saturday  No Operations. 1 Air Firing, 3 N.F.T. and Y Training, 1 N.F.T. and beam, 1 S.B.A F/S WATSON (A/G) posted to 97 SQUADRON for aircrew details, and also F/S DAVIES (A/G) to 405 SQUADRON. F/O PENROSE (A/G) reported from 30 O.T.U. for flying duties.           
19/09/1943  Sunday  No Operations. 6 Y Training Flights (1 landed at FEL/PWHLL ?) , 4 Bombing, 2 Cross Country, 3 Fighter Affiliation, 1 Beam and low flying, 1 Beam, 1 G.F.D. F/L MCGRATH, F/O FACEY, F/O JOHNSON AND F/S AITKEN posted to 19 O.T.U. for instructor duties also P/O MOFFAT to 84 O.T.U., F/L WRIGHT to 19 O.T.U. and SGT PROCHERA to 18 O.T.U.           
20/09/1943  Monday  No Operations. 1 N.F.T. 1 S.B.A. And N.F.T, 1 S.B.A. F/O J.T. SMITH and F/O W.I. BAGG appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant.           
21/09/1943  Tuesday  No Operations. 4 Y Training Flights (1 landed at BOTTESFORD) 2 Fighter affiliation and N.F.T. 1 Air Firing (Landed at BOTTESFORD) 1 Air Firing , 2 Air to Air Firing, 2 Air Tests 1 Bullseye exercise. F/L COOK DFM appointed Acting Squadron Leader. F/O KELLY to Acting Flight Lieutenant. P/O OVERTON (Pilot), P/O MANVELL DFM (F/E), P/O MCSWEENEY appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant. F/L PETERS (Pilot) posted to N/E WYTON, F/S WILKINSON (F/E), F/S PALMER (Pilot), and F/S FRY (Pilot) all appointed to commissioned rank.           
22/09/1943  Wednesday  17 aircraft detailed for operations. 16 took off and returned safely. 3 Y training flights. 3 N.F.T. 1 Air Test. 4 Fighter Affiliation. 2 Ait to Air Firing. 1 Air Firing. 1 Cross Country.  Hanover  Oldenburg       
23/09/1943  Thursday  18 aircraft detailed for operations. all took off and returned safely. 2 Y Training Flights, 1 local flight, 1 N.F.T. 1 Air Test.  Mannheim  Research       
24/09/1943  Friday  No Operations. 5 Y Training Flights. 1 Researh Flight, 6 N.F.T. (1 landed at HARWELL) 2 Air Tests. P/O AUBERT DFM and crew reported for aircrew duties from 1662 Conversion Unit. F/S FLETCHER (Missing) appointed to commissioned rank. F/O CAIRNS (Pilot) reported for flying duties from 21 O.T.U.           
25/09/1943  Saturday  18 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 1 Research Flight. 12 N.F.T. (1 landed at HARWELL) 2 y Training Flights. F/L THOMPSON DFC posted to 1662 CONVERSION UNIT. S/L COATES to 12 O.T.U. for C.I. Duties. P/O WILKIN and P/O HAMILTON to 1667 CONVERSION UNIT P/O CRANKSHAW DFM and SGT BARLOW to 1662 CONVERSION UNIT P/O HARVARD and SGT FARNELL to 15 O.T.U. F/O HORNER, P/O M.A. CARTER, F/O E.M. THOMPSON and F/O EADE appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant. SGT HANDLEY, SGT THORN, SGT HATWELL, F/S OTTER, F/S SILVERMAN appointed to commissioned rank.           
26/09/1943  Sunday  21 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 3 Y Training Flights, 3 N.F.T. 1 Air Firing.           
27/09/1943  Monday  22 aircraft detailed for operations. 21 took off, but 1 failed to return S/L VINCENT, SGT KNIGHT (2nd Pilot & crew). 13 N.F.T., 1 Flight to blyton. F/L GEOGHAN DFC appointed Acting Squadron Leader. W/O DODDS and W/O COLLINS (missing) appointed to commissioned rank.  Brunswick/Braunschweig  Hanover       
28/09/1943  Tuesday  No flying owing to inclement weather. No Operations. 1 ferry from WYTON. W/O ROSE (pilot) appointed to commissioned rank.           
29/09/1943  Wednesday  10 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off, but 1 crashed at DOWNHAM MARKET (F/S RAY and crew). All except Rear Gunner (SGT ORCHARD) killed. 1 from LITTLE SNORING TO BASE. 8 N.F.T. 3 Air Tests. F/S WARWICK (A/G) posted to 15 O.T.U. F/S JOHNSON (F/E) appointed to commissione rank. Also W/O HURST and W/O DENYER (missing). F/O HOLDING ceased to be attached to the Squadron  Bochum         
30/09/1943  Thursday  No operations. 1 N.F.T., 4 Air Tests.