156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/11/1943  Monday  No Operations. 1 Beam approach Training flight. P/O Wishart (Pilot) posted to 1507 BATP for Instructor Duties. F/L Terlinden (A/G) posted to this Unit from Air Ministry for flying duties.           
2/11/1943  Tuesday  No Operations. No flying apart from 3 Beam Training flights owing to bad weather conditions. W/C Grant DSO DFC posted to H.Q. No. 8 (PFF) Group.           
3/11/1943  Wednesday  19 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned safely. 7 N.F.T. 4 "Y" Training Flights, 2 N.F.T. & Beam. 1 N.F.T. & "Y" Training. 2 N.F.T. and "Fishpond" Training. F/S Royle (Pilot) posted to R.A.F. Station EASTCHURCH (Air Crew Reselection Board) Sgt Blanchette (F/E) appointed to commissioned rank.  Koln  Dusseldorf       
4/11/1943  Thursday  No operations. 2 "Y" Training Flights. 1 Air Test. 1 Local Flight. 1 S.B.A. local flight and 2 "Y" Training Flights. F/S Moon (A/G), F/S Coy (A/B), & F/S Vickers (A/B) all appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
5/11/1943  Friday  No Operations. 10 "Y" Training Flights, 3 Fighter affiliation and Low Flying. 1 S.B.A. and 1 Local Flight, 1 Fighter Affiliation, and 1 Fighter Affiliation and Beam Practice Flight. F/L Stannard (Pilot) posted to N/E strength of R.A.F. Station, Wyton.           
6/11/1943  Saturday  No Operations. 4 "Y" Training, 3 "Y" and formation flights, 3 Fighter Affiliation, 1 Low Flying, 1 Local Flight, 1 Air to Sea firing, 2 Air Tests, 1 Fighter Affiliation and Air Test, 1 Night Dual Circuits asn landings, 1 Solo Circuits and Landings, 1 Flare Demonstration and 1 Bombing Demonstration. F/S Sutherland (NAV) posted to 28 C.T.U. Sgt Scott (F/E) posted to Air Crew Disposal Unit. W/O Slade (Pilot) appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
7/11/1943  Sunday  21 aircraft detailed for operations, which were cancelled. 1 N.F.T. 1 Air to Sea Firing and Air Test. 1 Bombing Practice Flight to WHITTLESEY. 1 N.F.T. , 1 Practice Bombing and "Y" Flight, 1 N.F.T. S/L Mansfield (Pilot) appointed A/W/CDR. P/O Fletcher (Nav) appointed A/F/LT, F/S Hopton & Crew posted to Unit via UPWOOD from 12 Squadron for aircrew duties.           
8/11/1943  Monday  20 aircraft detailed for operations, which were later cancelled. 1 Flight to WYLESWOLD ? And return. W/O Coyle (Missing) and F/S Inglis (A/G) appointed to Commissioned Rank. F/L Bryce-Curtis (Medical) posted to R.A.F. Station WARBOYS. F/O Calvert and P/O Knight posted to 28 O.T.U. and 30 O.T.U. respectively.           
9/11/1943  Tuesday  17 aircraft detailed for operations, which were cancelled late at night. 19 N.F.T. and 1 "Y" Training Flight and 1 Flight to MORETON-IN-MARSH and return.           
10/11/1943  Wednesday  21 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off and returned safely, although one returned early. 1 N.F.T. , 2 Air to Air Firing.  Modane         
11/11/1943  Thursday  No operations as 21 aircraft detailed were cancelled at lunch hour. 2 "Y" training flights. 2 Fighter Affiliation, 1 N.F.T.           
12/11/1943  Friday  No operations. 7 "Y" Training Flights, 2 Air to Air Flying, 3 Air Tests, 1 Flight to WOODHALL SPA and return. 1 to HIXON ? And Return. S/L Anset, F/L Roberts, F/L E.M. Thomson, F/O Kennedy (Decd) , S/L Mulligan, and F/O C.R. Johnson all awarded the DFC , F/S Ross awarded the DFM           
13/11/1943  Saturday  No operations, 10 "Y" Training Flights, 1 Air Test, 1 Air to Sea Firing, 1 S.B.A. 1 Flight to TILSTOCK and return. W/O Lyford (Nav) Appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
14/11/1943  Sunday  No operations, 1 Cross Country, 1 Air Test, bad weather/ A/F/Lt Reader (Tech (E)) posted to R.A.F. Station WARBOYS           
15/11/1943  Monday  No operations, 7 "Y" Training and Fighter affiliation, 2 Air Firing and 1 Air Test.           
16/11/1943  Tuesday  22 aircraft detaile for operations but were cancelled at midday. 13 N.F.T. 4 Air to Air Firing, 3 "Y" Training, 2 Formation Flight Practice. P/O Swain (W/Op/AG) posted from 1622 C.U. for Flying Duties. P/O Otter, P/O Wilkinson, W/O Hickling, W/O Ritchie, F/O R.P. Wright, F/O Loder, & W/O Knox all awarded the DFC. S/L Thomas DFM, F/L Kelly DFC & F/L J.L. Wright DFC all awarded immediate DSO. F/L Timperley DFC (Pilot) posted to 14 O.T.U.           
17/11/1943  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations. 14 took off and returned safely. 3 aircraft formation flying, 2 N.F.T. , 1 X Country, 1 Air Tests, 2 "Y" Training Flights, 3 "Y" Training and Fighter Affiliation Flights. F/S Watts & Crew posted from 1667 O.U. P/O Stain (WO/AG) posted from 81 O.T.U. F/L Dean (Nav) posted from 7 Squadron for Staff Nav. Dities. F/L Levander (Adjutant) proceeded to 627 Squadron on posting. F/O Warfield posted from 81 O.T.U.  Mannheim         
18/11/1943  Thursday  21 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off but one (W/C White DFC & Crew) failed to return. 2 aircraft returned early. 5 N.F.T.  Berlin         
19/11/1943  Friday  No operations, 1 Flight from THORNEY ISLAND to BASE. 1 Flight from FORD to BASE. 1 Ferry flight from WYTON. S/L Everson DFC (Gunnery Leader) attached to A.M. Unit pending posting to R.A.F. delegation U.S.A.           
20/11/1943  Saturday  No operations, no flying due to misty weather. W/O Ritchie (WO/AG), W/O Patrick (Nav B), W/O Givney (A/B) appointed to Commissioned Rank. F/S Jackson & F/S Hopton (Nav & Pilot respectively) also appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
21/11/1943  Sunday  No operations, no flying due to misty weather. S/L Deane DFC ( O.C. "C" Flight) appointed A/W/Cdr.           
22/11/1943  Monday  21 aircraft detailed for operations, all took off but 2 (S/L Anset DFC & F/S Stephens DFM and crews) failed to return. 1 aircraft returned early. F/L Kelly DSO DFC (Nav) attached to C.N.S. Cranage for no. 74 (B.C) S.N.C.  Berlin         
23/11/1943  Tuesday  20 aircraft detailed for operations, 19 took offbut one (P/O Rose DFC and Crew) failed to return. F/S Fordyce & Crew crashed near BIRCHAM NEWTON, on return journey. F/S Fordyce, Sgt Johnson & Sgt Hodges killed - remainder of crew, four, injured. Four aircraft returned early. 1 Air Firing Flight. F/L Williams posted from HW PFF for Adjutant duties. F/L McGlashan (Pilot) posted from 19 O.T.U. W/C Porter & Crew posted from 83 Squadron, F/L Muir DFC Attached from 97 Squadron for Sqdn Gunnery Leader duties.  Berlin         
24/11/1943  Wednesday  No operations, 2 Air Tests and 1 Air Firing test           
25/11/1943  Thursday  20 aircraft detailed for operations, but 10 were cancelled later. The remainder took off and returned safely. 7 N.F.T. 3 Air Firing Flights, 1 Air Test, 4 Practice Bombing Flights, 1 night Cross Country Flight. F/L DREW DFC posted to 24 SQUADRON (Transport Command) on completion of Operational Tour. F/O RALPH & Crew posted from 1662 C.U.  Frankfurt         
26/11/1943  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned safely. 3 returned early. 1 Flight from TANGMERE. 1 Air Firing Flight. W/O PURNELL (Pilot) posted from 83 SQDN.  Berlin  Stuttgart       
27/11/1943  Saturday  No operations.           
28/11/1943  Sunday  No operations. 1 Beam Approach Flight, 1 Air Test. All other flying cancelled on account of misty weather. F/S STREET & Crew posted from 1667 C.U.           
29/11/1943  Monday  No operations. 1 Beam and heated clothing Test asn Fighter Affiliation Flight, 3 "Y" and "Fishpond" training and Fighter Affiliation flights, 3 "Y" Training flights, 2 "Y" Training and Air Firing flights. 1 Practice Bombing flight on sea markers, 1 "Y" Bombing Flight, 1 Air Firing Flight, 1 N.F.T. 1 N.F.T. 7 fighter Affiliation flight, 3 "Y" Training and Air to Sea Firing Flights. 1 G.T.I. Flight. 1 aircraft familiarisation flight. 1 flight from FORD. F/L J.L. WRIGHT DSO DFC posted to R.A.F. Station Uxbridge on coompletion of operational tour.           
30/11/1943  Tuesday  21 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 2 "Y" training flights, 3 "Y" training and N.F.F., 3 "Y" and "Fishpond" Training flights, 2 Air Tests, 1 N.F.T. 1 Height Test Flight, 1 Conversion Flight.