156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/12/1943  Wednesday  2 Non-operational flights. F/Sgt Hammond (F/E) posted to 1662 C.U. F/O Little & Crew posted to this unit from 166 Squadron.           
2/12/1943  Thursday  3 Non-operational flights. F/O Illingworth & Crew posted from 12 Squadron. 21 aircraft detailed for operations of which 19 took off and 2 are Missing (F/L Stanniland & W/O Wicks and crews). S/L Deane DFC appointed A/W/CDR  Berlin         
3/12/1943  Friday  19 aircraft detailed for operations. 17 took off and returned safely. F/O Muggeridge appointed A/F/LT . Sergeant O'Brien, F/Sergeant Hewitt, F/S Jones appointed to Commissioned Rank.  Leipzig         
4/12/1943  Saturday  F/O Blackadder posted from PFFNTU. P/O Sloper and P/O Wood appointed A/F/LT. F/O McGlashan F/O Glasspool, appointed F/LT. (A/F/L) Williams posted to Squadron for Adjutant duties.           
5/12/1943  Sunday  2 Non-operational flights. (Training and Testing). F/O Healey & F/O Kilvington appointed A/F/LT. P/O Morassi posted from 101 Squadron.           
6/12/1943  Monday  Sergeant Rust posted to 83 O.T.U.           
7/12/1943  Tuesday  F/O Calvert & F/O Humphreys awarded DFC and also F/L Smith (missing 23.11.43). P/O Hopton posted from 12 Squadron with crew           
8/12/1943  Wednesday  P/O Coldham DFC & P/O Ryan DFC appointed A/F/LT. S/L Thomas DSO DFM reposted to unit as Navigation Officer. W/O Gallagher & Crew posted from 626 Squadron.           
9/12/1943  Thursday  S/L Hall DFC posted to H.Q. (U) B. C. F/L Kelly DFC and F/L Wright DFC awarded DSO.           
10/12/1943  Friday  17 Non-operational flights           
11/12/1943  Saturday  14 Non-operational flights           
12/12/1943  Sunday  11 Non-operational flights. W/O Young DFC posted to 20 O.T.U.           
13/12/1943  Monday  16 Non-operational flights           
14/12/1943  Tuesday  no entry in log           
15/12/1943  Wednesday  Flight Sergeant Neighbour and Flight Sergeant Trotter DFM & crews posted from 166 Squadron and 626 Squadron respectively.           
16/12/1943  Thursday  21 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off but one (F/L Aubert & Crew) is Missing. 16 Non-operational flights. Flight Sergeant Watkins & Crew crashed on the Earith-Sutton Road and all were killed except Sergeant Darlinson (R/GNR) who was injured and admitted to R.A.F. Hospital - ELY  Berlin         
17/12/1943  Friday  no entry in log           
18/12/1943  Saturday  no entry in log           
19/12/1943  Sunday  16 Non-operational flights. Sergeant Barnes and Crew posted from 1656 C.U.           
20/12/1943  Monday  21 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off but 2 failed to return. (F/L Sullivan DFC & F/O Watts & Crews). 7 non operational flights. W/O Borland, W/O Lovis, P/O McCarthy, P/O Wishart (posted) P/O Thorn awarded DFC. F/S Lawrance F/S Milburn, F/S Lumsden, F/S Woolmer, F/S Hammond, F/S Bellinger, F/S (now P/O) Coy awarded DFM. P/O Bond's aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters over target and it was badly damaged and the M/U/Gnr P/O Moon, was injured and admitted to RAF Hospital ELY with gunshot wounds in the chest. By skilful evasion P/O Bond extricated himself and brought his crippled aircraft back to BASE after sucessfully bombing the target.  Mannheim  Frankfurt       
21/12/1943  Tuesday  F/Sgt Blamey and W/O Love Appointed to Commissioned Rank           
22/12/1943  Wednesday  11 Non-operational flights           
23/12/1943  Thursday  19 aircraft detailed for operations. 16 of these took off and one (F/O Warfield) failed to return. 8 non operational flights.  Berlin         
24/12/1943  Friday  1 Non-operational flight. P/O Love awarded DFC. F/S Sutherland awarded DFM. F/S Cromarty Appointed to Commissioned Rank.           
25/12/1943  Saturday  no entry in log           
26/12/1943  Sunday  F/L McKay and crew posted from 101 Squadron.           
27/12/1943  Monday  20 Non-operational flights.           
28/12/1943  Tuesday  15 Non-operational flights.           
29/12/1943  Wednesday  21 aircraft detailed for operations and all took off but one returned early. 6 Non-operational flights.  Berlin         
30/12/1943  Thursday  3 Non-operational flights.           
31/12/1943  Friday  18 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled.