156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/01/1944  Saturday  18 Aircraft detailed for Operations. [BERLIN] All took off 4 did not return (S/L FAWCETT, P/O BOND, S/L STEWART DFC AND F/O DOCHERTY AND CREWS). 1 Non Operational Flight  Berlin         
2/01/1944  Sunday  18 Aircraft detailed for Operations. 4 did not take off and 1 returned early. 5 Aircraft are missing (F/O BORLAND DFC, SGT BARNES, F/L RALPH DFM, F/O CAIRNS, AND P/O CROMARTY AND CREWS). S/L BROOKS posted to this unit for flying duties from P.N.T.U. F/SGT NEIGHBOUR, SGT TROTTER DFM, AND W/O JACKSON AND CREWS posted to Unit from flying duties from 626 Squadron. F/S DOYLE AND SGT ROGERS posted from 7 Squadron. 2 Non-Operational Flights.  Berlin         
3/01/1944  Monday  2 Non-Operational Flights. W/Cdr Deane DFC posted from Unit to Command 83 Squadron.           
4/01/1944  Tuesday  13 Non-Operational flights. F/L HAILEY (MISSING 17.12.43) appointed A/S/LDR. W/O MARSHALL AND CREW posted to Unit from 166 Squadron.           
5/01/1944  Wednesday  18 Aircraft detailed for operations. [STETTIN]. All took off and 1 returned early. Others returned safely. 2 Non-Operational Flights. S/Ldr SAUNDERS and Crew posted in from 7 Squadron  Stettin         
6/01/1944  Thursday  3 Non Operational Flights.           
7/01/1944  Friday  9 Non Operational Flights. S/LDR GOODWIN posted from 23 O.T.U. S/LDR GODFREY DFC posted from 15 O.T.U. F/O CAMERON AND CREW posted from 7 Squadron.           
8/01/1944  Saturday  2 Non Operational Flights. F/SGT OLIVER AND CREW posted from 550 SQUADRON. F/L STANNARD posted to Unit from N.E strength of R.A.F. Station WARBOYS.           
9/01/1944  Sunday  13 Non Operational Flights.           
10/01/1944  Monday  21 Non Operational Flights.           
11/01/1944  Tuesday  8 Non Operational Flights.           
12/01/1944  Wednesday  2 Non Operational Flights. S/LDR BENSON posted from H.Q. No. 93 GROUP.           
13/01/1944  Thursday  22 Non Operational Flights.           
14/01/1944  Friday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations. 1 did not take off and 5 are missing. (W/C MANSFIELD DFC, P/O BAGOT, F/O ILLINGWORTH, F/L STANNARD, AND P/O PALMER AND CREWS) 9 Non Operational Flights. F/S BAKER AND CREW posted from 460 SQUADRON.  Braunschweig/Brunswick         
15/01/1944  Saturday  W/CDR E.C. EATON DFC posted from No. 1662 C.U. to assume command of Unit. F/L SLOPER posted to P.N.T.U.           
16/01/1944  Sunday  F/L ALEXANDER DFM (missing 14.1.44) Appointed A/S/LDR           
17/01/1944  Monday  no entries           
18/01/1944  Tuesday  no entries           
19/01/1944  Wednesday  W/O STANNERS AND CREW posted from 166 SQUADRON. F/S MURPHY AND CREW posted from 101 SQUADRON           
20/01/1944  Thursday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations. [BERLIN] 1 returned early but others returned safely. F/S UNDERWOOD awarded D.F.M.  Berlin         
21/01/1944  Friday  21 Aircraft detailed for operations. [MAGDEBURG] 7 did not take off and two returned early. 1 Aircraft is missing (F/L KILVINGTON DFC AND CREW)  Magdeburg         
22/01/1944  Saturday  S/L BROWN posted to 11 BASE. G/CAPT R.W.P. COLLINGS AFC having commanded the SQUADRON from the 8th of June 1943 relinquished Command on handing over to W/CDR E.C. EATON DFC.           
23/01/1944  Sunday  15 Non Operational Flights.           
24/01/1944  Monday  6 Non Operational Flights.           
25/01/1944  Tuesday  19 Aircraft detailed for Operations, which were later cancelled.           
26/01/1944  Wednesday  5 Non Operational Flights. P/O MOON awarded D.F.C. W/O JACKSON AND W/O GALLAGHER AND CREWS returned to Main Force (626 SQUADRON)           
27/01/1944  Thursday  16 Aircraft detailed for operations. [BERLIN] All proceeded. 1 returned early. F/L MACKAY'S aircraft was attacked by an enemy aircraft on approaching target. F/SGT STEIN AND P/O HARRIS (gunners) were wounded in combat. F/L/ MACKAY pressed on and sucessfully attacked target and brought his crippled aircraft, later categorised A.C., safely to BASE. 5 Non Operational Flights. W/O ARCARI awarded D.F.C. and F/SGT ROSIE AND F/SGT SUNDERLAND awarded D.F.M  Berlin         
28/01/1944  Friday  15 Aircraft detailed for Operations. All proceeded and returned. 6 Non Operational Flights.  Berlin         
29/01/1944  Saturday  4 Non Operational Flights.           
30/01/1944  Sunday  16 Aircraft detailed for Operations. [BERLIN] All proceeded and 2 returned early. 2 aircraft are missing (W/O BATMAN, W/O RULE AND CREWS) F/O BROWN, P/O HERNAMAN, P/O LYFORD, P/O VICKERS, F/L EADE, F/L WOOD, F/O COLBERT, F/L CLEMENTS, F/L GENTLE, F/O HAMILTON awarded D.F.C. S/L EVERSON DFC, S/L MANIFOLD DFC AND F/L MOPPETT DFC awarded Bar to D.F.C.  Berlin         
31/01/1944  Monday  32 ground personnel awarded a Mention in Despatched Certificate