156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/02/1944  Tuesday             
2/02/1944  Wednesday  10 Non Operational Flights. F/O J. A. HISCOCK & CREW posted from 103 Squadron           
3/02/1944  Thursday  15 Non Operational Flights. F/S H. D. GILLIS (NAV) AND A/F/S R. TANDY (NAV) Appointed to Commissioned Rank           
4/02/1944  Friday  20 Non Operational Flights. F/L L. H. GLASSPOOL DFC (NAV) appointed to A/S/LDR           
5/02/1944  Saturday  7 Non Operational Flights.           
6/02/1944  Sunday  7 Non Operational Flights.           
7/02/1944  Monday  A/W/O S. W. G. NEIGHBOUR (PILOT), W/O F. P. E. PURNELL (PILOT), F/S F. H. T. WHYBROW Appointed to Commissioned Rank. 2nd LT F. JOHNSEN (R.N.A.F) & CREW posted to this squadron. A/S/L J. A. ROBERTSON (PILOT) posted to the Squadron.           
8/02/1944  Tuesday  2 Non Operational Flights. F/S E. J. TROTTER DFM (PILOT) appointed to Commissioned Rank. F/S J. O. OWEN & CREW posted from 625 Squadron           
9/02/1944  Wednesday  16 Non Operational Flights. F/S R. MCLEAN (PILOT) appointed to Commissioned rank. F/O G. W. O'DONOVAN & CREW posted from 12 Squadron. P/O R. M. ETCHELLS & CREW posted from 625 Squadron.           
10/02/1944  Thursday  Their Majesties The King and Queen visited the Squadron, interviewed the aircrews and honoured the Officers' Mess with their presence for lunch before departing to visit other P.F.F. Squadrons           
11/02/1944  Friday  14 Non Operational Flights.           
12/02/1944  Saturday  3 Non Operational Flights.           
13/02/1944  Sunday  21 aircraft detailed for operations which were cancelled before take-off owing to deteriorating weather. 10 Non Operational Flights.           
14/02/1944  Monday  F/S R. J. LONE & CREW posted from 626 Squadron.           
15/02/1944  Tuesday  21 aircraft detailed for operations - all took off and one aircraft is missing (F/L M. C. STIMPSON DFC & CREW) An aircraft Captained by F/S K.P.C. DOYLE was attacked by an E/A on approaching the target and extensively damaged. The Rear Gunners's right leg was shattered but he stuck to his post and manned the gun for the homeward journey. The M/U/Gnr's left leg was broken and the aircraft landed at WOODBRIDGE on three engines. Both were placed on the D.I. List and the Rear Gunner's leg was amputated. 8 Non Operational Flights.  Frankfurt  Berlin       
16/02/1944  Wednesday  20 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 2 Non Operational Flights. A/F/O J. A. HIGGS & CREW posted to Squadron.           
17/02/1944  Thursday  20 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled.           
18/02/1944  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 4 Non Operational Flights. A/F/L A. MUIR DFC Appointed A/S/LDR           
19/02/1944  Saturday  21 aircraft detailed for operations - all took off and 2 aircraft are Missing (S/L A.D. SAUNDERS & CREW and W/O R. STANNERS & CREW). 12 Non Operational Flights.  Leipzig         
20/02/1944  Sunday  18 aircraft detailed for operations - 4 did not take off and 3 returned early. 1 aircraft is missing (F/L D. K. MACKAY DFC & CREW). The Squadron Gunnery Leader A/S/L A. MUIR, flew in the missing A/C as Rear Gunner. 9 Non Operational Flights. A/F/L R. RICHMOND & CREW, A/F/L H.D. CHURCHILL & CREW, F/S D. LANGFORD & CREW posted to this Squadron.  Stuttgart         
21/02/1944  Monday  5 Non Operational Flights.           
22/02/1944  Tuesday  19 Non Operational Flights.           
23/02/1944  Wednesday  7 Non Operational Flights. Following were awarded a bar to their D.F.C. - A/F/L P. A. COLDHAM DFC, A/F/L M. J. RYAN DFC, A/F/L P. A. STEVENS DFC The following were awarded the D.F.C. A/F/L H. F. SLADE P/O C. W. STRINGER           
24/02/1944  Thursday  24 aircraft detailed for operations in a two wave attack on a target. 2 aircraft returned early . 3 aircraft are missing (W/C E.F. PORTER, P/O S.W.G. NEIGHBOUR and F/L J. A. DAY DFC AND CREWS) 8 Non Operational Flights. F/S G. C. JOHNSON (A/G) awarded the D.F.M. A/W/O V. A. M. HEDGES awarded the D.F.C. W/C W. W. G. SCOTT & CREW posted to the Squadron.  Schweinfurt         
25/02/1944  Friday  18 aircraft detailed for operations - 1 aircraft is missing (F/S B. B. MILLEN & CREW)  Augsberg         
26/02/1944  Saturday             
27/02/1944  Sunday  An Advance Party of 1 Officer & 16 Men proceeded to R.A.F. UPWOOD, HUNTS, preparatory to moving the Squadron to UPWOOD. 16 Non Operational Flights.           
28/02/1944  Monday  18 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled.           
29/02/1944  Tuesday