156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/11/1944  Wednesday  9 aircraft detailed for night attack on OBERHAUSEN. 10/10th cloud but marking well grouped, and appeared to be a good raid. 14 non operational flights.  Oberhausen         
2/11/1944  Thursday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations on DUSSELDORF, 15 proceeded. S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DFC crashed during takeoff, undercarriage collapsed. The weather was clear enough to see the river and some ground details. Good fires were started and some explosions reported. 16 non operational flights. F/L J.B. Nicholls and crew posted from P.F.F.N.T.U. F/L Nicholls is a well known Rugby player and has been selected as reserve player for the Wales V England match this month.  Dusseldorf         
3/11/1944  Friday  No flying today.           
4/11/1944  Saturday  8 aircraft detailed for night operations on BOCHUM., all proceeded and returned. 15 non operational flights.  Bochum         
5/11/1944  Sunday  nil non operational flights.           
6/11/1944  Monday  10 aircraft detailed for a daylight attack on GELSENKIRCHEN. Attack commenced in clear weather but with 6/10ths cloud a minute, increasing to 10/10ths at the end of the attack. One A/C was given last resort by M/B and he bombed a marshalling yard in a built up area at GLADBECK. W/C T.E. Ison DFC was Master Bomber and F/L J.A. Wilson was Deputy Master Bomber. 4 non operational flights. F/L J.R. Chislett (Nav) promoted A/S/L  Gelsenkirchen         
7/11/1944  Tuesday  15 non operational flights.           
8/11/1944  Wednesday  12 non operational flights.           
9/11/1944  Thursday  F/O C.D. Edge and crew arrived from P.F.F.N.T.U. (ex 100 Squadron) 14 non operational flights.           
10/11/1944  Friday  F/L P F Clayton DFC promoted A/S/L. F/O W.E.Mason promoted A/F/L . W/O S.J. Birch (Nav) Commissioned. Sgt. B.A. Butterfield (F/E) Commissioned. 13 non operational flights.           
11/11/1944  Saturday  10 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 6 further aircraft detailed which were also cancelled. F/O W.H. Cornelius and crew arrived from P.F.F.N.T.U. (ex 101 Squadron). 1 non operational flight.           
12/11/1944  Sunday  6 aircraft detailed for daylight operations which were later cancelled. 10 non operational flights. W/O J.A.B. Brown (GD/S) commissioned.           
13/11/1944  Monday  no flying.           
14/11/1944  Tuesday  no flying.           
15/11/1944  Wednesday  9 aircraft took part in a Group Formation exercise. 25 non operational flights for the day. F/O W.F. Keeler and crew arrived from PFFNTU (ex 170 Squadron) W/O P. A. Robertson (Nav) commissioned.           
16/11/1944  Thursday  After a "Stand Down" since the 6th the Squadron returned to battle with a contribution of 11 aircraft for a daylight attack on DUREN. Including fighters nearly 3,000 British and US aircraft took part in this gigantic bombardment, the purpose of which was to assist the Allied Armies in a new drive on the Third Reich. The marking was reported as very good. W/C D.B.Falconer DFC AFC carried out duties as Long Stop over the target from 1528 to 1545 hours and did not drop TC Yellow smoke because the bombing was so good. Visibility at base on their return was very bad, and 4 aircraft landed here. The remainder were diverted alsewhere. Nil non operational flights.  Duren         
17/11/1944  Friday  No Flying.           
18/11/1944  Saturday  12 aircraft detailed for daylight operations on MUNSTER. The Commanding Officer G/C T.L. Bingham-Hall DSO DFC was Master Bomber and S/L P.F. Clayton DFC was Deputy Master Momber. Nil non operational flights.  Munster         
19/11/1944  Sunday  No Flying. Sgt C. I. Hicks (F/E) commissioned. F/O K.T. Wallace and crew arrived from PFFNTU (ex 12 Sqdn)           
20/11/1944  Monday  14 aircraft detailed for operations on two targets. The first target was cancelled, and eight aircraft all Blind Markers, proceeded for an attack on KOBLENZ. 1 aircraft returned early with Port Inner Engine U/S. F/S W.J. Connelly (A/G) commissioned. Sgt R.V. Fisher DFM (Nav) granted an immediate commission in the field for distinguished services. 18 non operational flights.  Koblenz         
21/11/1944  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations against three targets. 6 aircraft proceeded to attack STERKRADE, but one returned early, being very much off track with an U/S DR compass. Marking was well grouped, and the main concentration of TI's very well bombed. 6 aircraft attacked ASCHAFFENBERG out of 7 detailed. 1 aircraft did not take off owing to engine trouble. This attack took place in conditions of 10/10th cloud only the glow of illuminating flares were seen on cloud, and bombing was difficult to assess, but appeared to be concentrated in area of glow. The remaining three aircraft were detailed to attack the town of WORMS. The Squadron Commander G/C T.L. Bingham-Hall DSO DFC relinquished his command on posting to R.A.F. Station Oakinton, as Station Commander. W/C D.B. Falconer DFC AFC was appointed to command.  Worms  Ashaffenberg  Sterkrade     
22/11/1944  Wednesday  13 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 4 non operational flights. F/L J.B. Nicholls (Pilot) regained the Acting Rank of S/L which he had previously held.           
23/11/1944  Thursday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 21 non operational flights. F/O R.A. Boggiano and crew arrived from PFFNTU (ex 576 Sqn)           
24/11/1944  Friday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 3 non operational flights.           
25/11/1944  Saturday  11 aircraft detailed for operations which were cancelled before take-off. No Flying           
26/11/1944  Sunday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 18 non operational flights.           
27/11/1944  Monday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations. 14 attacked Troop concentrations in the city of Freiburg. On this raid W/C T.E. Ison DFC performed the duties of Master Bomber and S/L P. F Clayton DFC was Deputy Master Bomber. The marking was considered good and the bombing appeared to be well concentrated around the TI's. Several explosions were reported early in the attack, and the woods to the South East were also on fire. Thick smoke rose to 8,000 ft. The other two aircraft attacked NEUSS as supporter. 18 non operational flights. W/O J. A. McGregor (A/G) Commissioned. See ORB 14/12/44 for comments on this mission. Special entry in ORB: Reports from neutral press refer to this attack as one of the most outstanding of the year. Large areas of the town have been completely devastated and mention is made of the main railway station, the marshalling yard, the railway repair shops, the post office and Earl's Barracks as being completely destroyed. The Areiter Zeitung refers to the attack as the heaviest of the year, with the number of persons killed running into 5 figures.  Neuss  Freiburg       
28/11/1944  Tuesday  14 aircraft detailed for a night raid on ESSEN. 1 returned early with one engine feathered. Bombing could not be assessed because of cloud, but a good concentration of skymarking was achieved. As the A/C left the target a glow of fires was beginning to appear below cloud. F/S L.N. Hill (Nav) commissioned. F/O K.G. Holloway and crew arrived from PFFNTU (ex 626 Sqn)  Essen         
29/11/1944  Wednesday  15 non operational flights.           
30/11/1944  Thursday  The much devastated DUISBERG was the target for 16 aircraft deatiled. All proceeded and returned. The attack was opened in 10/10 ths cloud and the bombing appeared well concentrated as far as could be judged. The marking was good and there was a useful succession of flares, although they were never numerous. One large explosion was reported which lasted many seconds. 14 non operational flights. The following awards to members of the Squadron during the month: S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DFC immediate DSO. S/L R.C. Wiseman DFC Bar to DFC. Awarded the DFC: F/L L.H. Lawton DFM F/L J.E. Goldsmith F/L R.S.W. Cooper F/L C. Wilson F/L J.H. Hudson DFM F/O W. Bramwell DFM F/L E. Dyson F/O J.H. deTores F/O V. Temple P/O G.J. Hudson W/O D.D. Jackson. The award of the D.F.M. was made to F/S D.J.Hughes  Duisberg