156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/12/1944  Friday  Nil non operational flights.  Karlsruhe         
2/12/1944  Saturday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 17 non operational flights.           
3/12/1944  Sunday  10 aircraft detailed to attack HEIMBACH, all abortive over target. The Master Bomber was not able to identify the aiming point and gave "Abandon Mission". Nil non operational flights.  Heimbacht - Urft         
4/12/1944  Monday  16 aircraft detailed for night attack on KARLSRUHE. The attacked opened in 10/10ths cloud and the early bombing was reported as rather scattered. As the cloud thinned, reports gave a picture of good TI concentration and a fair concentration of bombs and incens. A big explosion and large fires were later seen. 3 non operational flights.  Karlsruhe         
5/12/1944  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for attack on SOEST. The built up area and marshalling yards were distinguished briefly in the flashes of bomb bursts. The marking was well kept up throughout the attack. From reports the bombing was considered intense and well concentrated. 7 non operational flights.  Soest         
6/12/1944  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations against OSNABRUCK. 15 proceeded. Visibility was very poor with 10/10th cloud. 12 aircraft bombed blindly and one aircraft which dropped Sky markers never saw the glow of them. 8 non operational flights.  Osnabruck         
7/12/1944  Thursday  12 non operational flights.           
8/12/1944  Friday  18 non operational flights.           
9/12/1944  Saturday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were cancelled before takeoff. 13 non operational flights.           
10/12/1944  Sunday  12 non operational flights.           
11/12/1944  Monday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were cancelled before takeoff. 12 non operational flights.           
12/12/1944  Tuesday  13 aircraft detailed for night operations against ESSEN. Reports indicate a good concentration which was backed up by Green/Red flares. Most crews saw bomb burst flashes, and some larger glows which may have been explosions, but no assessment of results was possible. All proceeded and returned. 16 non operational flights.  Essen         
13/12/1944  Wednesday  W/C T.E. Ison DFC awarded immediate award of DSO. 11 aircraft detailed for daylight operations which were later cancelled.           
14/12/1944  Thursday  The result of the raid on Freiburg on 27/28 Nov appeared in Bomber Command Summary and was assessed by neutral press to be the most outstanding of the year. W/C T.E.Ison DSO DFC was the Master Bomber for that raid.           
15/12/1944  Friday  nil           
16/12/1944  Saturday  12 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled.           
17/12/1944  Sunday  10 aircraft detailed for operations against ULM, 9 aircraft proceeded. 1 missing F/L L.N.B. Cann DFC. TI's were seen to cascade but soon disappeared below cloud. Skymarking and the bombing appeared to be well concentrated. Although the position could not be identified good fires were reported at the end of the raid with black smoke coming up through the cloud. 6 further aircraft detailed for night operations on DUISBERG. The marking on this raid appeared to have started on time and all crews saw TI's cascading though these quickly disappeared into cloud and became a red glow. Two large explosions were reported and the bombing appeared to have been fairly well concentrated. 2 non operational flights.  Duisberg  Ulm       
18/12/1944  Monday  14 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 7 non operational flights.           
19/12/1944  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled.           
20/12/1944  Wednesday  No flying           
21/12/1944  Thursday  The mantle of fog which enshrouded the district for the past few days had thinned out a little and 11 aircraft took off to attack the town of BONN. The attack was carried out in 10/10ths cloud. The TI's cascaded all approximately in the same place but quickly disappeared into cloud and the skymarkers were well grouped. Bombing was not easy to assess under cloud, but according to flashes was certainly not scattered. All aircraft returned and were sucessfully landed at base. The raid was carried out under these difficult weather conditions to assist the operations on the Western Front where a cumulative reverse was spreading under the new huge German Counter Offensive.  Bonn         
22/12/1944  Friday  F/S I.W. Kelly (AG) and F/S R.C. Fletcher (AG) commissioned.           
23/12/1944  Saturday  No flying           
24/12/1944  Sunday  7 aircraft detailed for day operations. Five were cancelled before take-off. Two aircraft proceeded for an attack on DUSELDORF. S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DSO DFC was Master Bomber and F/L G. Lewis was Deputy. Visibility owing to fog was practically nil, and the Mosquito aircraft could not take off. The airfield appeared to be fairley well plastered and as the aircraft left the target the TI's were obliterated by a very large concentration of bomb bursts. Both aircraft on their return were diverted to GRAVELY. The Aircrew members of the Squadron this evening gave a highly enjoyable and sucessful party and dance to the ground personnel. It was held in the Station NAAFI, and the success of the party well compensated the Aircrew personnel for their labour and efforts in organising it. Sgt E.H. Marlow (Nav) Commissioned.  Dusseldorf         
25/12/1944  Monday  The foggy weather had still not abated and there was no flying today. Christmas Day was spent in the usual traditional way and the Officers and Senior NCO's served and waited at the Airmen's Xmas Dinner. The Senior NCO's were entertained in the Officer's Mess in the morning and their courtesy was reciprocated in the afternoon. In the evening an All Ranks Cabaret Dance was held in the Station Naafi.           
26/12/1944  Tuesday  No flying           
27/12/1944  Wednesday  3 non operational flights.           
28/12/1944  Thursday  10 aircraft detailed for an early morning attack on the M/Y at OPLADEN. A good concentration of TI's were observed. The bombing could not be assessed accurately but appeared to be well centered. All proceeded and returned. 15 non operational flights  Opladen         
29/12/1944  Friday  10 aircraft detailed for a daylight raid on KOBLENZ. The target was soon obscured by smoke which together with haze made it difficult to assess bombing. F/O W.H. Cornelius was wounded by flak which penetrated his left heel. His engineer was also hit.  Koblenz         
30/12/1944  Saturday  13 aircraft detailed for operations on COLOGNE. 1 aircraft missing W/C D.B. Falconer DFC AFC (The Commanding Officer). He flew the crew of W.H. Cornelius, with F/L W. N. Bingham (Squadron Engineer Leader). One aircraft returned early with the Port Outer Engine on fire. (S/L J.A. Wilson). Bombs were jettisoned safe in the sea and the aircraft sucessfully landed at base. The attack opened in 10/10ths cloud. The bombing was reported to be good and a considerable glow of incens and fire seen. F/L K.H. Letford DSO DFC promoted A/S/L. 12 non operational flights.  Koln         
31/12/1944  Sunday  W/C T.E. Ison DSO DFC ("B" Flt Commander) took over temporary command of the Squadron. 8 aircraft deatiled for an attack on the M/Y at OSTERFELD. The marking generally appears to have been fairly good. Two large yellowish explosions were reported, and crews saw several files burning in the target area which were visible 60 miles away. 6 non operational flights. The following awards to members of the Squadron were awarded during the month: S/L T.W.G. Godfrey DFC Bar to DFC F/L A.P. Willoughby, F/L G.W. Hodges, F/L W.G. Neal, F/L A.J. Hiscock, F/O A.M. Robb, F/L L.H. Chester, S/L N. Crawford, F/L J.E. Scrivener, F/L R.F. Jenkins DFM, F/L J.A.R Carrad, F/L H.C. Cavanagh, F/O E.E. Court, F/L F.E. Keighley, F/L P.F.J. Noble, F/L A. Lewis, F/L W.E. Knowles, P/O S.J. Birch, F/O M. Fleming, P/O J.A.B. Brown, F/O W.A.M. Savill, F/O H.A. Farnell, P/O H.A. Farnell, P/O M.W. Finney, P/O K.E. Bartleman, and W/O E.W.Hay, all awarded the DFC. The award of the DFM was made to F/S W. Appleby, W/O D.W. Aspinall, F/S F.J. Hardiman, W/O R. Smith, F/S J.F.Stearn and F/S A.J.C. Wilson and F/S J.D. Gray  Osterfeld