156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/02/1945  Thursday  11 aircraft detailed to attack MAINZ. The marking appeared to be well placed and concentrated but the bombing was spread but not scattered. The flak here appeared to be aimed at shooting at the skymarkers. 19 non operational flights.  Mainz         
2/02/1945  Friday  8 aircraft detailed for operations on WEISBADEN, The attack opened in 10/10ths cloud, and both marking and bombing was somewhat scattered. F/L Grant and crew arrived from P.N.T.U. (ex 625 Sqdn). 2 non operational flights,  Wiesbaden         
3/02/1945  Saturday  9 aircraft detailed to drain the oil of BOTTROP. The marking appears to have been very goog, and the bombing was well concentrated in the later stage of the attack. There were numerous searchlights coming and enemy fighters were active over the target and on the return route. Two aircraft failed to return F/L M Spinley DFM and F/L J.G. Evans and crews. F/O G.B. Hampson and crew arrived from P.N.T.U. (ex 170 Sqdn.) 12 non operational flights.  Bottrop         
4/02/1945  Sunday  14 non operational flights.           
5/02/1945  Monday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. Information received from Air Ministry that F/L Spinley's aircraft (missing 3.2.45) disintegrated in mid air near HECHEL, BELGIUM. The rear gunner was the only survivor, and the Navigator has not been located and is unaccounted for. 14 non operational flights.           
6/02/1945  Tuesday  8 non operational flights.           
7/02/1945  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations against enemy troop concentrations at GOCH, in the Western Front Battle Area. 1 aircraft bogged at takeoff and did not proceed. The raid was sucessfully controlled by S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DSO DFC and Bar as Master Bomber, and F/L T.S. Harris was Deputy. The marking appeared quite good throughout, and the bombing well concentrated. Towards the end of the raid the Master Bomber called off the attack because the target and TI's became obscured by smoke and the bombing was getting a little loose. The Master Bomber was involved in a collision whilst orbiting the target and the aircraft sustained damage, losing the port wing tip, but returned safely to base. 17 non operational flights.  Goch         
8/02/1945  Thursday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 14 further aircraft detailed for night operation on the synthetic oil plant at POLITZ near STETTIN. Two aircraft did not proceed owing to technical failures. S/L J.A. Wilson was Master Bomber and F/L G. Lewis DFC was Deputy. The marking appeared to be well placed and the bombing was well concentrated. Numerous explosions were reported. F/L F.W. Chandler DFC (Nav) promoted A/S/L  Politz         
9/02/1945  Friday  13 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled.           
10/02/1945  Saturday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 17 non operational flights.           
11/02/1945  Sunday  A signal received from GOC-in-C 1st Canadian Army via HQBC expressed appreciation of Bomber Command's support in their raid on GOCH on the night of 7/8th Feb, which was stated to be of "Usual super quality". This Squadron provided the Master and Deputy Master Bombers for this raid. 16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 2 non operational flights.           
12/02/1945  Monday  S/L P.P Hague (pilot) posted from P.N.T.U to take over the crew of F/L J. Cuthill DFC who has now been screened after a fine operational career in the Squadron. 17 non operational flights.           
13/02/1945  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations on two targets. 7 aircraft attacked the oil plant at BOHLEN, near LEIPZIG. 9 aircraft disturbed the peace of the Germans regrouping, resting and reorganising at DRESDEN after their exit to the Reich from Russian territory. This was the first visit of Bomber Command to DRESDEN. Extensive fires were burning from a previous wave. Several explosions were reported, and the town was burning from end to end.  Dresden  Bohlen       
14/02/1945  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for a night attack on CHEMNITZ in two waves, with a three hour interval. 9 aircraft attacked in the first wave in conditions of 10/10ths cloud. The marking was consequently very thin. Skymarking was resorted, but the bombing was rather scattered. Five aircraft were shot down on this raid. The second wave of 7 aircraft. The weather again hindered this attack. The Wanganui flares were the only markers seen and provided only a very meagre guide for bombing. All proceeded and returned. F/L H.G. Hughes and crew arrived from P.N.T.U (ex 150 Sqdn) . 4 non operational flights.  Chemnitz         
15/02/1945  Thursday  F/L L.S. Downes and crew posted from P.N.T.U F/S R.J. Heatrick (A.G.) commissioned.           
16/02/1945  Friday  nil           
17/02/1945  Saturday  15 aircraft detailed for a daylight attack on enemy troop concentrations in the town of WESEL. The Master Bomber, S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DSO DFC and Bar, ordered the mission to be abandoned. The TI's dropped disappeared into cloud and not even the glow was seen. He came down from 15,000 ft to 3,000 ft and abandoned the mission owing to the bad weather conditions and the proximity of our own troops. 1 non operational flight.  Wessel         
18/02/1945  Sunday  F/S R.L. Jacobs (A/B) commissioned. 16 non operational flights.           
19/02/1945  Monday  20 non operational flights.           
20/02/1945  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations, which were later changed to 10 aircraft. 2 aircraft attacked an oil plant art REISHOLE. One of these two aircraft failed to return (F/L A.D. Pelly and Crew). The other aircraft attacked in 10/10ths cloud, and the TI's disappeared into the cloud almost immediately. Bombing results could not be observed. 8 aircraft attacked the Ruhr traffic bottleneck at DORTMUND in 10/10ths cloud. TI's quickly disappeared into cloud, although having a well-defined glow. There was a good grouping of skymarkers throughout the attack, and two or three large explosions were heard. 16 non operational flights.  Reisholz  Dortmund       
21/02/1945  Wednesday  12 aircraft detailed for an attack on WORMS. One aircraft (F/LT Grant) bombed a secondary German target. One of his engines caught fire, but he carried on and later found he would be 20 minutes late on the primary target. 11 aircraft attacked in clear weather with slight ground haze. A good concentration of marking was formed, and bombing appeared well aimed at the markers. Explosions were observed in the target area. Several good fires were seen burning up to 50 miles away on the homeward route. 4 non operational flights.  Worms         
22/02/1945  Thursday  F/L W.J. Taylor and crew arrived from P.N.T.U. (ex 460 Sqdn). 8 non operational flights.           
23/02/1945  Friday  10 aircraft detailed for a night attack on enemy troop concentrations and communications in the town of PFORZHEIM. Bombing on the TI's was good. Fires soon got startedand they were stoking up beautifully by the time the last aircraft left the target area. Several minor explosions were reported and the glow of fires could be seen from 100 miles away on return. Shortly after becoming airbourne an engine in the aircraft flown by F/O W.F. Keeler feathered. He pressed on and made the flight of 6 hours 30 minutes on three engines. Skilful airmanship and good Captaincy brought him to the target on time. 12 non operational flights.  Pforzheim         
24/02/1945  Saturday  5 aircraft detailed for daylight operations on KAMEN. The attack was carried out in conditions of 10/10ths cloud with tops about 9,000 ft. The marking and bombing could not be assessed. 6 non operational flights.  Kamen         
25/02/1945  Sunday  10 non operational flights.           
26/02/1945  Monday  22 non operational flights.           
27/02/1945  Tuesday  15 non operational flights.           
28/02/1945  Wednesday  10 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 6 non operational flights. The following awards to members of the Squadron were awarded during the month: S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DSO DFC & Bar, 2nd Bar to DFC. S/L J.R. Chislett. F/L L.W. Farris. F/L A.R. Ewens. F/L P.J. Wilson DFC Bar to DFC. F/O A.A. Diggins. P/O C.R. Alcock. F/L R.V. Dickenson. And W/O A. Everest, all awarded the DFC. The award of the DFM was made to W/O R.C.C. Jones, F/S T.E. Drew. W/O R.J. Bruce. F/S J.R. Watson F/S C.F. Pretlove and F/S F Reed.