156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/04/1945  Sunday  13 non operational flights. F/S Elliott, H.W. - A/G Commissioned.           
2/04/1945  Monday  15 non operational flights.           
3/04/1945  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for Day operations which were later cancelled. 16 further aircraft detailed for night operations which were cancelled before take-off. A further 16 aircraft were detailed for early morning operations and these again were cancelled at briefing. An exhausting day for all, especially the Armourers, with the bombing up and de-bombing.           
4/04/1945  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations on TWO targets. 4 aircraft attacked the oil plant at HARBURG, near HAMBURG. The Master Bomber's instructions were clearly heard. Bombing was well concentrated on the TI's, which were well placed in a tight cluster. Two large explosions were reported. 12 aircraft attacked the oil plant at LUTZKENDORF, near LEIPZIG. Bombing was a little scattered at first but soon became concentrated under the Master Bomber's instructions. Several minor explosions were seen and some fires started with thick black smoke rising,  Lutzkendorf  Harburg       
5/04/1945  Thursday  2 non operational flights.           
6/04/1945  Friday  17 non operational flights.           
7/04/1945  Saturday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled S/L R.H. Dean DFC (Sqdn Nav.Ldr) posted to PFFNTU. F/O A.G. Edgar DFC and F/O D.A. Millikin DFC (pilots) posted from PFFNTU  Schwandorf         
8/04/1945  Sunday  The BLOHM & VOSS works at Hamburg received another hammering tonight. 10 aircraft from the Squadron were detailed for this target. The TI concentration lasted about 4 mins; when the Master Bomber called for skymarkers. These were dropped and formed a very good group, The weather was 10/10ths and the bombing was reported as only fair. Tow large explosions were seen. F/S McQueen - A/G - commissioned. 6 non operational flights.  Hamburg         
9/04/1945  Monday  16 aircraft detailed for a night attack on the dock installation of KIEL. Two aiming points were the target for this Squadron. The raid was rather complicated one and was directed by tow Master Bombers and two Deputies. Crews detailed for the two A/Ps were to be available to either Master Bomber should the trend of the marking require them. The illuminating flares started on time and fell in good concentration. The bombing was also accurately placed and several explosions were seen. Should be a very successful raid.  Kiel         
10/04/1945  Tuesday  4 aircraft detailed for a daylight attack on the ENGLESDORF Marshalling yards at LEIPZIG. The weather was clear and the sheds and buildings in the Yard area were clearly distinguishable. The raid was very successful. Thick black smoke was rising up to 10,000 ft in the target area as the aircraft were leaving. 9 further aircraft detailed fo a night operation against PLAUEN, south of Leipzig, with the object of erasing the town off the map. The weather was clear but with a light ground haze. The illumination of the target was excellent and the attack opened well on time. One large explosion was seen and as the Master Bomber left the target, the town was completely obscured by smoke rising to 12,000 ft. The raid was directed by S/L K.H. Letford, DSO,DFC as Master Bomber and F/L I. Dreamore-Denver as Deputy. W/Cdr A.J.L. Craig, DSO,DFC arrived to take command of the Squadron vide W/C T.E.Ison, DSO,DFC, who is being posted to No. 7 Group. F/L W.G.Neal (pilot) promoted to A/S/L  Plauen  Leipzig       
11/04/1945  Wednesday  3 aircraft detailed for a Daylight attack on NURNBURG. The P.V.M. (F/Lt F.D. Wallace) identified the A/P clearly. The bombing was excellent and a huge explosion occurred in the Marshalling Yard. This was probably an ammunition train as many minor explosions occurred. A very successful raid. 12 non operational flights.  Nurnburg         
12/04/1945  Thursday  F/O Brooks (pilot) arrived from PFF.N.T.U. 15 Non operational flights.           
13/04/1945  Friday  18 aircraft detailed for a Night attack on KIEL. The attack opened in 10/10ths cloud. The Master Bomber was clearly heard and Tis were well backed up forming a very good concentration throughout the attack. Dummy flares and some dummy bomb bursts were seen which were not effective. Heavy Flak was intermittent and accurate and enemy aircraft were over the target. All proceeded and returned. 16 non operational Flights. F/O W.B. Lambert & P/O Norton (Pilots) arrived form PFF.N.T.U.  Kiel         
14/04/1945  Saturday  The new H.Q. of the Nazi Junta and militarists, POTSDAM in the BERLIN suburbs was the target for 15 aircraft fo a Night raid. One aircraft did not proceed (F/O Arnold) , and the reserve crew (F/L W.J. Taylor) took his place. The markers formed a close group and bombing was on the whole good. Some explosions were reported in the latter stages. The German Dummy City, HAUEN, was illuminated and some dummy TI reds were seen there. About 50 S/L coned effectively and enemy aircraft were seen in the target area. F/L Taylor, reserve crew, showed determination to take off, in spite of a few hitches. 50/60 miles from the targethis P.O. engine and rear turret became u/s with the M.U. turret partially u/s. He pressed on, arrived three minutes late and bombed sucessfully from a height of 14,000 feet. 3 Non Operational Flights.  Potsdam         
15/04/1945  Sunday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 2 Non Operational Flights.           
16/04/1945  Monday  1 F/L J.H. Blackadder, DFC - Nav: promoted A/S/L. 15 Non Operational Flights.  Schwandorf         
17/04/1945  Tuesday  4 aircraft detailed for operations whicjh were later cancelled. 1 Non Operational Flights.           
18/04/1945  Wednesday  A very large force of Bomber Command carried out a Daylight attack on HELIGOLAND. 8 arcraft detailed and this Squadron contributed the Master Bomber - F/T T.S. Harris, and the Deputy was the Squadron Commander, W/Cdr A.J.L. Craig, DSO,DFC. Bothe Master and Deputy marked the A/P and the Master was clearly heard. The bombing was very good and highly concentrated and it should be a very successful raid. 6 Non Operational Flights.  Heligoland         
19/04/1945  Thursday  17 Non Operational Flights           
20/04/1945  Friday  18 Non Operational Flights. F/L C.R. Rain and crew arrived from PFF.N.T.U. ex 166 Sqdn.           
21/04/1945  Saturday  17 Non Operational Flights           
22/04/1945  Sunday  14 Aircraft detailed for a Daylight attack on Bremen. F/L T.S. Harris detailed as Master Bomber and W/C R.F. Griffin, DSO, DFC as Deputy. S/L K.H. Letford, DSO, DFC and S/L R.F. Clayton DSO, DFC were detailed as Long Stops. The A/P was obscured by 10/10ths cloud and positive identification was impossible. In view of the proximity of our own troops the Master Bomber aborted the mission. F/O L.W. Rodger and crew arrived from PFF.NTU ex 101 Squadron.  Bremen         
23/04/1945  Monday  10 Non Operational Flights           
24/04/1945  Tuesday  20 Non Operational Flights           
25/04/1945  Wednesday  14 Aircraft detailed for a Daylight attack on Island of WANGEROOGE. S/L A.W.G Cochrane DSO, DFC (2 Bars), was Master Bomber and F/L H.C. Hughes was Deputy. The target was soon obliterated by smoke and the raid appears to be a very good one,  Wangerooge         
26/04/1945  Thursday  12 Aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 2 Non Operational Flights           
27/04/1945  Friday  F/L A.Y. Mason and Crew arrived from PFF.N.T.U. ex 166 Squadron. 15 Non Operational Flights           
28/04/1945  Saturday  F/S A.F. Lacey - Nav F/S W.J. Davies - A/B , and W/O R.P. Steel - Commissioned. No Flying           
29/04/1945  Sunday  15 Non Operational Flights           
30/04/1945  Monday  The wholesale surrender of German units in the field continued, and the Squadron was today employed on mercy missions. 8 aircraft proceeded to ROTTERDAM to mark food supply dropping area. The local population were enthusiastic in welcoming the force, and flags, tablecloths and everything handy were used to wave to the aircraft which flew across the dropping points at 350 feet. F/S A.M.M. Gunton /B - Commissioned.  Rotterdam