Flight Lieutenant Elmer John Trotter DFC, DFM

Elmer Trotter  was born 1923 in Santa Cruz California to Canadian parents. At the age of 2 yrs he moved to Saskatchewan Canada.

He joined the military on September 1, 1941 after meeting members of the #32 RAF Flight Training School in Swift Current Saskatchewan. His mother always had an open invitation for those boys to come to their farm on their weekends off. Originally he had wanted to sign up as an air gunner but the flight school boys discouraged that.

After training in Bournemouth he was assigned to the Advanced Flying School . He then went to #14  A.F.U. at Ossington Notts.

When he graduated he was assigned to 101 Squadron at Ludford Magna along with his crew. After a short time with this Squadron was offered a transfer to 156 Squadron, which he accepted, and remained with this Squadron until April 1944 when 582 Squadron was formed from one flight from 156 Squadron and one flight from 7 Squadron.

His spell with 582 Squadron ended when he was shot down returning from a mission to Russelheim on 12/8/1944, by  FW Erwin Egelar with Stab1V/NJGI,  who himself was later shot down in combat and crashed at Treysa 19/20 Oct., 1944.

F/L Trotter spent the remainder of the war as a POW in Stalag Luft III.

After the war he continued his flying career with the RCAF and retired in 1970 with the rank of Lt Colonel.

The First few Missions.

The Fourth Mission

Shot down returning from Russelheim

DFM Citation and Station Commanders Comments

Description of Medal Group

Ops prior to joining 156 Squadron:

101 Squadron       Aircraft - Lancaster,  
18/11/43      BERLIN           - 10/10th Cloud
22/11/43      BERLIN           - 10/10th Cloud
23/11/43      BERLIN           - Abortive due to Icing
26/11/43      STUTTGART - Target Clear   
2/12/43        BERLIN           - Hit by Flak, attacked by Me110 
3/12/43        LEIPZIG          - Abortive

Ops with 582 Squadron after time with 156 Squadron:
582  Squadron       Aircraft - Lancaster,  

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ThumbNail Photo Title ThumbNail Photo Title ThumbNail Photo Title
Newly Joined Up Crew Photo 582 Squadron Photo
Crew Photo Letter from 582 Sqn - Part A Letter from 582 Sqn - Part B
MIA Notification POW Notification Decorations
Newspaper Clipper 101 Sqn Nov 43 101 Sqn Dec 43
156 Sqn Jan 44 156 Sqn Jan/Feb 44 156 Sqn Feb 44
156 Sqn Feb/Mch 44 156 Sqn Mch 44 156 Sqn Mch 44
582 Sqn Apr 44 582 Sqn May 44 582 Sqn May 44
582 Sqn Jun 44 582 Sqn Jun 44 582 Sqn Jun 44
156 Sqn Jul/Aug 44 156 Sqn Aug 44