Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  18/02/1942  Wednesday  P/O FOX reported here from Binbrook, also SGT NEWALL. F/O PARKER has completed his tour of operations and left to-day for 23 O.T.U Pershore. He is a Canadian pilot and very popular. One aircraft of 'B' Flight did an air test, one circuits and landings and a third a cross country. One aircraft of 'A' Flight did local flying.           
1943  18/02/1943  Thursday  No operations. 1 local flight, 3 fighter affiliation, 1 to ELSHAM WOLD, 4 bombing practice flights and 2 night bombing practice flights at RUSHFORD bombing range. 1 circuits and landings. 2 NFT, 1 night circuits and landings.           
1944  18/02/1944  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 4 Non Operational Flights. A/F/L A. MUIR DFC Appointed A/S/LDR           
1945  18/02/1945  Sunday  F/S R.L. Jacobs (A/B) commissioned. 16 non operational flights.           
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic