Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  23/03/1942  Monday  One air firing exercise was completed. One cross country flight to Cosford was abandoned due to weather conditions. Four night flying tests were carried out, but operations and night cross country programme were cancelled on account of weather.           
1943  23/03/1943  Tuesday  No operations. 5 new crews reported for duty - F/O GIRRBACH and crew, SGT COOPER and crew, SGT BYASS and crew from 1656 Conversion Unit. SGT SULLIVAN and crew and SGT YOUNGER and crew from 460 Squadron. 1 flare dropping flight, 1 air test, 2 local flights, 1 flight to WING and 1 to ELSHAM WOLDS. F/SGT BARCLAY D.F.M. appointed to commissioned rank. P/O W.J. SMITH reported from 22 O.T.U. for navigator flying duties.           
1944  23/03/1944  Thursday  3 non operational flights A/S/L J. B. Geoghegan D.F.C. G.D. (N) posted to P.F.F.N.T.U.           
1945  23/03/1945  Friday  18 non operational flights.           
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic