Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  21/11/1942  Saturday  No operations. 1 flight to WELLESBOURNE to ELMDON to base and 1 flight from OAKINGTON to base.           
1943  21/11/1943  Sunday  No operations, no flying due to misty weather. S/L Deane DFC ( O.C. "C" Flight) appointed A/W/Cdr.           
1944  21/11/1944  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for night operations against three targets. 6 aircraft proceeded to attack STERKRADE, but one returned early, being very much off track with an U/S DR compass. Marking was well grouped, and the main concentration of TI's very well bombed. 6 aircraft attacked ASCHAFFENBERG out of 7 detailed. 1 aircraft did not take off owing to engine trouble. This attack took place in conditions of 10/10th cloud only the glow of illuminating flares were seen on cloud, and bombing was difficult to assess, but appeared to be concentrated in area of glow. The remaining three aircraft were detailed to attack the town of WORMS. The Squadron Commander G/C T.L. Bingham-Hall DSO DFC relinquished his command on posting to R.A.F. Station Oakinton, as Station Commander. W/C D.B. Falconer DFC AFC was appointed to command.  Worms  Ashaffenberg  Sterkrade     
1945  21/11/1945  Wednesday             
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic