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Surname ALEXANDER   Initials E S   First Name EDWARD SUDBURY  
Decorations DFC DFM  
Rank Squadron Leader   Unit RCAF   Service No. J/15543 R58623  
Age 24  Deceased 14/01/1944  Previous Squadron 97  
Address Saskatchewan, Canada  
Cemetery BERGEN-OP-ZOOM WAR CEMETERYNoord-Brabant, Netherlands  
Grave Location Coll. grave 29. B. 2.  
Additional Info Son of Dan Robert and Sybil Alexander; husband of Karewera Rosalia Alexander, of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
War Graves Link 2033404  Grave Photo ** YES ** Cemetery Photo ** YES **
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  22/05/1942  ALEXANDER, FS Edward Sudbury (R58623) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.419 Squadron.

Award effective 22 May 1942 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 880-881/42 dated 12 June 1942.

Born in UK, home in Montreal; bank clerk. Home in Vancouver;
enlisted there 3 September 1940.
Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 26 February 1941),
No.3 AOS (graduated 26 May 1941)
and No.2 BGS (graduated 7 July 1941)
and No.1 ANS (graduated 4 August 1941).
Commissioned 4 June 1942.
Invested at Buckingham Palace November 1942.
Killed in action 14 January 1944 (Lancaster ND357, No.156 Squadron);
buried in Holland.
Photographs PL-9914 and PL-9915.

ALEXANDER, Edward Sudbury. Can/R.58623 Flight Sergeant,
No. 419 (RCAF) Sqn (Immediate)
L.G. 22/5/1942. Air Observer.

One night in April 1942, Flight Sergeant Alexander was observer of an aircraft detailed to attack Kiel. The attack was completely successful but on the return flight the aircraft was engaged by an enemy fighter. Damage was caused to the port airscrew and the hydraulic system, and the rear turret was so severely damaged that the gunner was unable to open its doors.

Flight Sergeant Alexander, although slightly wounded in the arm, forced the turret doors with an axe and helped the rear gunner out. Although nearly all the instruments were unserviceable, Flight Sergeant Alexander's skilful navigation was mainly responsible for the safe return of the aircraft and crew.

The courage and high sense of duty displayed by this airman has been an inspiration to the other members of the crew and he is strongly recommended for the immediate award of the D.F.M 
DFC  10/01/1944  ALEXANDER, F/L Edward Sudbury, DFM (J15543) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.156 Squadron

Award effective 10 January 1944 as per London Gazette dated 18 January 1944 and AFRO 410/44 dated 25 February 1944.

NOTE: AFRO 874/44 dated 21 April cancelled this award. Was it reinstated ?

This officer has completed many successful operations against the enemy in which he has displayed high skill, fortitude and devotion to duty.

NOTE: Public Records Office Air 2/9153 has recommendation dated 21 November 1943 when he had flown 51 sorties (173 hours) of which 35 sorties (186 hours) had been undertaken since his previous award. In this document, the award originally proposed was a DSO, but at the level of No,8 Group Headquarters, "DSO" is scratched out by "D.B." (presumably Air Commodore Donald Bennett) and "DFC" substituted.

******************************************************************************************* 18 Feb 42 Lille (Nickel raid)
9 Mar 42 Essen
25 Mar 42 Essen
6 Apr 42 Essen
19 Apr 42 GARDENING, Ameland
22 Apr 42 Cologne
23 Apr 42 Cologne
27 Apr 42 Dinghy search, North Sea
28 Apr 42 Kiel
2 May 42 Lorient
4 May 42 Stuttgart
6 May 42 Nantes
8 May 42 Warnemunde
17 May 42 GARDENING, Frisians
19 May 42 Mannheim
21 May 42 GARDENING, Lorient
30 May 42 Cologne
1 June 42 Essen
16 June 42 Essen
18 June 42 GARDENING, Borkum
19 June 42 Emden
21 June 42 GARDENING, Borkum
25 June 42 Bremen
27 June 42 Bremen
2 July 42 Bremen
8 July 42 GARDENING, Lorient
9 July 42 Wilhelmshaven
21 July 42 Duisburg
25 July 42 Duisburg
26 July 42 Hamburg
28 July 42 Hamburg
31 July 42 Dusseldorf
16 Sept 42 Essen


8 July 43 Cologne
25 July 43 Essen
29 July 43 Hamburg
7 Aug 43 Milan
12 Aug 43 Milan
15 Aug 43 Milan
17 Aug 43 Peenemunde
5 Sept 43 Mannheim
6 Sept 43 Munich
22 Sept 43 Hanover
23 Sept 43 Mannheim
27 Sept 43 Hanover
2 Oct 43 Munich
7 Oct 43 Stuttgart
22 Oct 43 Kassel
3 Nov 43 Cologne
17 Nov 43 Mannheim
18 Nov 43 Berlin

This officer has carried out a total of 51 sorties against heavily defended targets in Germany and enemy occupied territories. He has completed 35 sorties since the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal, eighteen of these being with this squadron on Pathfinder Force duties.

Flight Lieutenant Alexander has proved himself to be an outstanding navigator, both in the air and on the ground, his untiring efforts in helping new arrivals being worthy of the highest commendation.

The efficiency and high standard of devotion to duty he has displayed in accurately navigating his aircraft to the most difficult targets make him very worthy of the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. 
Source Date Comments
ORB  17/06/1943  S/L MANSFIELD (Pilot) reported for duty from 97 Squadron, also F/O ALEXANDER, DFM., (Navigator) and P/O WRIGHT (WO/AG) posted to Squadron for flying duties. 
ORB  14/01/1944  F/L ALEXANDER DFM (missing 14.1.44) Appointed A/S/LDR 
LG 36335  14/01/1944  DFC Notification