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Surname GOLDSMITH   Initials J E   First Name JOHN EDWARD  
Decorations DFC  
Rank Flight Leutenant   Unit RCAF   Service No. J85064  
Age Unknown  Deceased   Previous Squadron  
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War Graves Link   Grave Photo NO Cemetery Photo NO
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFC  4/11/1944  GOLDSMITH, F/L John Edward (J85064) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.156 Squadron
Award effective 4 November 1944 as per London Gazette dated 14 November 1944 and AFRO 239/45 dated 9 February 1945.

Born in Halifax, 21 February 1922;
served in Royal Canadian Artillery;
enlisted in RCAF, 21 February 1942.
Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 28 August 1942)
and No.8 AOS (graduated 21 December 1942).
Commissioned 1944.
Served in postwar RCAF;
awarded AFC for Operation "POLCO".

No citation other than "completed... numerous operations against the enemy in the course of which [he has] invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty." Public Records Office Air 2/8823 has recommendation dated 21 August 1944 when he had flown 39 sorties (210 hours 40 minutes).

ORB 30/11/44 confirms DFC

8 Sep 43 Boulogne
28 Jan 44 Berlin
30 Jan 44 Terschelling
19 Feb 44 Leipzig
20 Feb 44 Stuttgart
24 Feb 44 Schweinfurt
1 Mar 44 Stuttgart
15 Mar 44 Stuttgart
18 Mar 44 Frankfurt
22 Mar 44 Frankfurt
24 Mar 44 Berlin
26 Mar 44 Essen
30 Mar 44 Nuremburg
10 Apr 44 Aulnoye
11 Apr 44 Aachen
11 May 44 Hasselt
19 May 44 Boulogne
21 May 44 Duisburg
22 May 44 Dortmund
24 May 44 Aachen
3 June 44 Calais
5 June 44 Longues
7 June 44 Cerisy
8 June 44 Fougeres
9 June 44 Rennes
1 Jun 44 Tours
5 Jun 44 Lens
16 Jun 44 Renescure
23 Jun 44 Coubronnes
24 Jun 44 Middle Straete
27 Jun 44 Oisemont
7 July 44 Vaires
9 July 44 L'Hey
10 Jul 44 Nucourt
20 Jul 44 Foret du Croc
22 Jul 44 Coulonvilliers
23 Jul 44 Foret du Croc
27 Jul 44 Chateau Bernapre
30 Jul 44 Battle area

Pilot Officer Goldsmith has completed 39 operational sorties, 24 of which have been with the Pathfinder Force.

This officer is a keen and efficient navigator, and has invariably displayed the utmost determination and courage in his duties. He is a cheerful and valuable member of his crew, and is always willing to fly with any crew when the occasion demands it. He has shown great keenness and zest for operations, and his devootion to duty has been of a very high order. I recommend him for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. NOTE: In January 1997 the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society (Canadian Branch) presented to the National Aviation Museum a "dossier" (actually more like an album) with extended autobiographical notes on members (catalogued in the museum as D.805 C3 L96 1995 NMM). This included much information on Goldsmith, of which the following is an excerpt:

On the night of 26 August 1944, while on my 42nd bombing raid, the aircraft was seriously damaged in a night fighter attack over Kiel, Germany. With the aircraft on fire and only one engine operating a ditching was made in the North Sea.

As I sat in an overcrowded dinghy, cold and wet, with six men I barely knew, I was to reflect on my folly in volunteering to replace their sick navigator. The following day RAF air/sea rescue planes located us and dropped a lifeboat which drifted away. By a miracle, in the darkness the next morning, we found it close by. We set course for England but ran into a storm late in the day, and as the boat had been damaged in the drop, it began to break up.

We were losing hope when a Danish fishing boat suddenly appeared, guided by a rescue plane. Once on board we found we were headed for Denmark, and though grateful to be saved, we had no wish to become POWs. The skipper said that if he sailed any further west the Germans would sink his boat, but when the rescue plane dropped a message directing him to take us to England we convinced him that he had no other choice. Two nights later we arrived back in England. 
Source Date Comments
LG 36793  10/11/1944  DFC Notification 
ORB  30/11/1944  Awarded the DFC: F/L J.E. Goldsmith