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Surname ALLEN   Initials D F   First Name DUDLEY FARQUHAR  
Decorations DFC GM BEM  
Rank Squadron Leader   Unit RAF   Service No. 968365 / 111932  
Age Unknown  Deceased   Previous Squadron  
Comments Squadron Gunnery Leader  
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GM  17/01/1941  968365 Sergeant Dudley Farquhar ALLEN.

In September, 1940, this airman was the turret gunner of an aircraft which crashed in dense mist; he was dazed by a heavy blow on the head and his parachute harness was entangled with the seat.

Although the compartment door was jammed, Sergeant Allen succeeded in forcing his way out of the wreckage and, in spite of the fact that the aircraft was on fire, he proceeded with great energy and resolution to extricate the unconscious bodies of three of the crew at the risk of his own life.

Undeterred by the increasing intensity of the heat and fumes from the burning wreckage, and amid exploding ammunition, he then endeavoured to find the pilot, but was unsuccessful. Unaware, owing to the dense mist, that the crash had occurred on the aerodrome, Sergeant Allen removed the unconscious man to a safe distance from the flames before assistance arrived. It was due to his efforts that the three members of the crew were not burned with the aircraft, though unfortunately they subsequently died from injuries sustained during the crash. 
BEM  11/07/1941  968365 Sergeant Dudley Farquhar Allen,. G.M.,Royal Air Force.

One evening in April an enemy aircraft dropped incendiary bombs on an aerodrome. One bomb fell into the cockpit of an aircraft on the ground and lodged beneath the seat and under the front of the fuselage petrol tank in a position which prevented its removal.

Sergeant Allen attempted to extinguish the incendiary but his efforts were unavailing owing to its position. He therefore climbed into the cockpit and, although fully aware that the fuel tank was likely to explode at any moment, he plied fire extinguishers against the side of the tank and put soil on the incendiary until it was finally extinguished.

At the time a large number of men were engaged in putting out other incendiaries near the aircraft. There is no doubt that Sergeant Allen, by his initiative and gallant conduct in the face of extremely dangerous conditions, prevented many casualties which would certainly have occurred had the tank exploded. 
Brave Conduct 
DFC  12/01/1945  Acting Squadron Leader Dudley Farquhar ALLEN, G.M., B.E.M. (111932), R.A.F.V.R., 156 Sqn.

ALLEN, Dudley Farquhar, A/S/L, GM, BEM (111932, RAFVR*) - No.156 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 16 January 1945. Citation from Air Ministry Bulletin 17093.

This officer has completed a large number of operational sorties. He is the Squadron Gunnery Leader and has displayed marked zest for operational flying against the enemy. His fine fighting spirit, determination and skill have earned for him the respect of all under his leadership.

Citation details provided by Hugh Halliday. 
Source Date Comments
LG 35048  17/01/1941  GM Notification 
LG 35217  11/07/1941  BEM Commendation 
LG 36894  12/01/1945  DFC Notification 
ORB  31/01/1945  The following awards to members of the Squadron were awarded during the month: S/L D.F. Allen GM BEM awarded the D.F.C. 
ORB  31/01/1945  DFC Notification