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Surname ISAACSON   Initials P S   First Name PETER STUART  
Decorations DFC AFC DFM  
Rank Flight Leutenant   Unit RAAF   Service No. 401068  
Age Unknown  Deceased   Previous Squadron 460  
Comments Flew "Q" for Queenie to Australia in 1943 - All crew were Australian and all were from 156 Sqn  
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Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  6/11/1942  Aus. 401068 Sergeant Peter Stuart ISAACSON, Royal Australian Air Force, No. 460 (R.A.A.F.) Squadron.
L.G. 16/11/1942. Sorties 23, Flying Hours 129.15. Pilot. Air2/9604.
This N.C.O. has, since June, 1942, carried out 22 successful night operations over enemy territory. He has carried out these attacks with a fine offensive spirit and pressed them home with the utmost determination.
On one occasion, he encountered a night fighter, the enemy fighter was claimed as damaged.
His general confidence has inspired a high standard of morale in his crew in his crew and his willingness to fly at any time has set an example in the squadron.
He is a distinctive leader with a fine record of achievement and the services he has rendered during his operational tour to date well merit personal recognition.

Remarks by Station Commander.
Sergeant Isaacson, an Australian, has displayed exceptional qualities as a pilot and Captain of a very determined crew. His cheerful confidence and determination to press home his attacks have been substantiated by the evidence of his photographic success and of his flak-damaged aircraft.
He has throughout his present tour shown a high degree of courage, skill and resolve to go in and attack his target.
He is an idealleader, inspiring his crew by his ability to make instant decisions in an emergeny and, by his skillful pilotage and cool judgement, he has largely been responsible for their very high morale.
I very strongly recommend him for the award of the D.F.M. 
DFC  30/03/1943  Pilot Officer Peter Stuart ISAACSON, D.F.M. (Aus.401068), Royal Australian Air Force, No. 156 Squadron.

One night in March, 1943, this officer was detailed for an attack on Berlin. Following the attack and while still over the target area, his aircraft was hit by anti-airpraft fire and severely damaged. The mid-upper turret frame was twisted, the perspex and 2 engine cowlings blown off, the aileron controls damaged and the aircraft forced down to 4,000 feet.

On the return journey the aircraft was driven off the route and held in a cone of searchlights for 15 minutes; during this time a further loss of height down to 900 feet occurred.

In the face of this perilous situation Pilot Officer Isaacson, showing coolness, resolution and skilful airmanship, succeeded in flying his aircraft back to base.

This officer is an outstanding captain of aircraft who has a fine record of many successful operational sorties. 
AFC  27/08/1943  Acting Flight Lieutenant Peter Stuart ISAACSON, D.F.C., D.F.M. (Aus.401068), Royal Australian Air Force.

Flight Lieutenant Isaacson was captain of the Lancaster aircraft which recently flew from England to Australia via the Pacific and subsequently carried out direct flights between Melbourne and New Zealand (both ways).

This is the first occasion on which an aircraft has flown to Australia by this route and the direct flights between Melbourne and New Zealand are the first of their kind. 
Source Date Comments
LG 35773  3/11/1942  DFM Commendation 
ORB  12/01/1943  F/S ISAACSON D.F.C. and crew posted from 460 Squadron. 
ORB  28/01/1943  Sgt. NEILSON and F/Sgt ISAACSON appointed to commissioned rank. 
ORB  16/03/1943  F/LT ISAACSON, DFM Awarded the immediate D.F.C. 
LG 35958  26/03/1943  DFC Commendation